Scratching that Dyson Scab

Uh oh, looks like someone’s stuck in reverse. Must be a slow day on the global warming “media stunner” watch if Romm’s  picking over a three-week old interview, as if it was a fresh scab.

I guess he didn’t read part one and part two of this colorful memo from one of his Grist colleagues.

2 Responses to “Scratching that Dyson Scab”

  1. Steve Bloom says:

    Joe’s a busy guy, Keith.  I’m sure plenty of posts spend some time on his to-do list.

    Re DR’s posts, he errs when he glosses over the difference between the mass media and the wingnut blogosphere.  It’s makes sense for Joe to campaign to make climate denialism something that is no longer a subject for polite conversation in venues like the NYT Magazine. 


  2. Got to seriously like these Dyson folks, they will look into everything. Personally I will not utilise anything different lately.

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