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The Trouble with Monuments

That’s the title of this counterintuitive post from Jonathan Thompson, the editor-in-chief of an environmental magazine. He riffs off a brewing controversy over spectacular places in the Southwest that might soon be nominated as National Monuments. Except it’s not some off-the-cuff riff. Thompson writes a poignant meditation on the complicated feelings he has about a…Continue Reading…

Climate Fun House Mirror

I know that Roger Pielke, Jr.’s loudest critics view him as a stalking horse for climate skeptics and deniers, so I’m sure they will find it useful that he’s been included in this absurdly titled and absurdly packaged Field Guide to Skeptics. Surely the authors of this Foreign Policy article are aware that climate skeptic…Continue Reading…

The New, New Great Game

One year ago, Pepe Escobar, a keen observer of global energy politics, wrote this: Forget the mainstream media’s obsession with al-Qaeda, Osama “dead or alive” bin Laden, the Taliban — neo, light or classic — or that “war on terror,” whatever name it goes by. These are diversions compared to the high-stakes, hardcore geopolitical game…Continue Reading…

Headline of the Day

Goes to this post on McCain’s killer campaign ad.  Yeah, he’s been running away from cap and trade, but that doesn’t take away from the head.

A War With No End

I’m all for the U.S. improving avenues of cooperation with Mexico, especially if that helps ameliorate the miserable conditions of border communities. But in this post over at Natural Security, Will Rogers overreaches when he suggests that environmental initiatives with Mexico aids U.S. national security interests along the southern border. That can hardly be the…Continue Reading…

Unraveling the Citations

In reviewing a new book that fisks Lomborg, Sharon Begley at Newsweek goes the extra mile.

Headline of the Day

Goes to this sci-fi sounding post. You just gotta read about how the baby cane toads are no match for the meat ants.

Conservation's Ethical Tradeoffs

It’s not easy being a conservation biologist. You have to fight on multiple fronts just to maintain and preserve viable wildlife populations. Habitat fragmentation often poses the biggest threat to imperiled species. But there is one battle that the media has all but ignored–that between animal rights proponents and conservationists. So this post from wildlife…Continue Reading…

Just Trust Us

That’s what three formerly reputable investigative journalists are saying here, in Howard Kurtz’s WaPo column, when they rationalize taking money from the Church of Scientology for a “study” on a Florida paper’s in-depth examination of the famously prickly and secretive self-help organization. From Kurtz, this you have to read to believe: Steve Weinberg, the former…Continue Reading…

Going in Opposite Directions

So on the one hand, we see the U.S. military accepting of climate change and coexisting peaceably with endangered species. On the other hand, there’s Utah: a bastion of inanity, where that ol timey sagebrush mentality never dies.