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Atheists Behaving Badly

When evolutionary biologist and atheist superstar Richard Dawkins recently stepped into (yet another) sinkhole of his own making, fellow evolutionary biologist and all-star atheist PZ Myers shook his head sadly. (It was not the first time that Myers had chided Dawkins for “callous indifference.”) Dawkins, true to form, could not recognize the sinkhole he created….Continue Reading…

The World According to Intolerant Atheists

This tweet and blog post headline is really something: Islam Apparently behind Boston bombing It’s from Jerry Coyne, the evolutionary biologist who apparently would blame environmentalism for Ted¬†Kaczynski.¬†

Come Out of the Closet

That’s what a certain organization is trying to urge with this controversial billboard outside Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey. I’m all for “celebrating reason,” but picking on Santa Claus to make your point? Then again, the target audience appears to be people who are secretive not only to their friends and family, but maybe even…Continue Reading…