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Looming Enviro Wars

During George W. Bush’s two terms, environmentalists and archaeologists complained (with justification) that the oil & gas industry was allowed to run roughshod over Western public lands. I wrote a bunch about this for numerous magazines, from Audubon and Mother Jones to High Country News and Archaeology. The same question arose in all these stories:…Continue Reading…

Greens Against Greens

Oh baby, I smell the makings of a Full Contact match between enviros coming on. I know plenty of folks in the oil & gas industry who will be paying for front row seats and chortling at every body slam.


To archaeologists and environmentalists in the Southwest, this decision probably marks the first real day of the Obama Administration. I’ve covered the rancorous archaeology/energy/public lands debate extensively over the last few years, most recently here, here, and here. Those days look over. Hey guys, what am I going to write about now?