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A Common Thread Runs Through Crankery?

While exploring the anti-vaccine mindset, Orac assembles this group under one umbrella: One of my interests in skepticism and critical thinking has been the similarity in the fallacious arguments, approach to data, and general behavior of those who are–to put it generously–not so skeptical or scientific in their approach to life. I’m talking about believers…Continue Reading…

Satan is a Climate Skeptic

Well, I have no idea if that’s true. But Anthony Watts needs to stop crying crocodile tears about being called a “denier” if he’s going to put up posts like this one. Here’s the headline: Charles Manson becomes an advocate for global warming You climate skeptics get the point? What about you, Anthony?

Bogus Headline of the Day

Wishful thinking by Bishop Hill, or poor grasp of how things work in the U.S.?

Bad Bots

I always find it odd when bloggers complain about getting too many comments from readers who disagree with them. Most writers looking to tell a story or communicate a message want to reach as large an audience as possible. So I don’t get Chris Mooney here: Hmm, have we got any denier bots here? I’m…Continue Reading…

Raise Your Hand

If you are one of “a great many people” who were once believers in catastrophic GW [global warming] and are now skeptical. I keep reading variations of this line expressed by readers on various blogs, and it’s purely anecdotal. Also, a “great many” people who converted from believers to skeptics because of why? I’ve also…Continue Reading…