Selected articles 2018:

Buy Zolpidem Tartrate 5Mg “The ‘steely-eyed’ killer who became a star on Fox News–then lost it all.” (Politico Magazine.) “Do aliens exist? Blink 182 co-founder and ex-Pentagon official are determined to prove we’re not alone.” (Newsweek)

2017: “Can You Sue a Newspaper Based on How the Internet Interprets a Story? (Slate) “The Science Police” (Issues in Science & Technology)

“Journalism Under Attack” (Issues in Science & Technology) 2015: “GM-crop opponents expand probe into ties between scientists and industry” (Nature) “The Battle for the Soul of Conservation Science” (Issues in Science and Technology)

Overnight Delivery Ambien Online “Agricultural Researchers Rattled by Demands for Documents by Group Opposed to GM Foods (Science)


“Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Lonely Crusade” (Washington Post Magazine) “The GMO-Suicide Myth” (Issues in Science and Technology); “Speak of the Devil” (Cosmos)

“When Worldviews Collide” (Cosmos)

Zolpidem Online Prescription 2013:

“The ‘Princess’ of Somalia” (Washington Post Magazine) “Greens on the Run in Debate over Genetically Modified Food” (Bloomberg Business)

“Can Wind turbines Make you Sick?” (Slate)

“The Pro-Nukes Environmental Movement” (Slate) Older, by topic:

Buy Ambien Online From Usa Archaeology:

The Vanishing Fremont” (Science); “Walking in Two Worlds” (Science); “Giving Back the Bones” (Science);   (Science); “Roundup of Utah Collectors” (Science);  “Dust Storm Rising over Famed Rock Art” (Science); “Walking in Two Worlds” (Science); “Skeletons in the Closet” (High Country News); “Dust on the Rocks” (High Country News); “Messages From Beyond“;  (Backpacker); “Secrets of the Range Creek Ranch” (Smithsonian)  “Who Were the Anasazi” (Archaeology); “In the Field with Taft Blackhorse and John Stein” (Archaeology);  “Lost World” (Audubon); “Solution or Sellout?” (Archaeology); “The Looters Next Door” (Archaeology); “Dirtraker” (Archaeology) Buy Ambien Cr Generic Ecology:

Lynx and Biologist try to Recover after Disastrous Start” (Science); “Returning America’s Forests to their Natural Roots” (Science); “A Surprising Tale of Life in the City” (Science); “Everglades Restoration Plan Hits Rough Waters” (Science); “Fire in the Sky” (Audubon); “Forgotten Islands” (Audubon); “Score One for the Desert” (Audubon);  “Sagebrush Showdown” (Audubon) Order Zolpidem Online Uk Climate Change/Global Warming:

The Eye of the Storm” (Nature):“The War Against Warming” (Nature); “Pots of Gold” (Audubon); “Global Warming: The Movie” (Audubon); “The Holy & The Hawks” (Audubon); “Leading the Charge” (Audubon)

Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Energy:

“Unclearing the Air” (High Country News);“Party Favors” (Mother Jones); “Powder Keg” (Audubon); “Operation Self Reliance” (Audubon); Environmental Justice:

Cheap Ambien CrWretched Refuse” (City Limits); ”  “The People’s Watchdog,” (Audubon magazine); “A Fork in the River,” (Audubon); “Growing In” (City Limits); “A Foreward” (Forging Environmentalism: Justice, Livelihoods, and Contested Environments)

Book Reviews: Nature” (Audubon); “Heavy Suburban” (City Limits); “The War on Cities” (City Limits); “Wholly Moses” (City Limits); “Through the Mill” (City Limits); “Toxic Truths” (Audubon); “Healing the Land” (Audubon); “The Beast in the Garden: A Modern Parable of Man and Nature” (Audubon); “The New World Order” (Nature); “Land of the Lost” (Audubon) Online Discover (The Crux): Fracking Help or Hinder the Fight Against Climate Change Science Can’t Replace Religion Relations: Extreme-Weather Question Drives Wedge Between Climate Scientists Environmentalism Anti-Science?

The Limits to Environmentalism

Slate (archive) Science (archive)

Nature Climate Change (archive)

Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media (archive)

Climate Central (archive)

Buy Zolpidem Online Where my work has been cited in Media:

The Tracker at MIT’s Knight Science Journalism (archive)

The Observatory at Columbia Journalism Review (archive)

Dot Earth at New York Times (archive)

Society of Environmental Journalists (newsletter article)