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The Meme Tracker

Now this is an interesting new job for the right kind of journalist. The idea behind it is expounded on here at Nieman Journalism Lab. I’ll be curious to see what news the Sense-Making Project will be tracking. Seems like you could do this sort of thing for many kinds of stories that receive sustained…Continue Reading…

The Ruthless Link Economy

I haven’t been able to shake this days-old post by Jeff Jarvis, journalism provocateur, bar none. I suspect he’s right about the only metric that counts in the new digital world. Here’s the essential graph: Every minute of a journalist’s time will need to go to adding unique value to the news ecosystem: reporting, curating,…Continue Reading…

The Post-Darwinian Media Landscape

What might a “taxonomy of new-media animals” look like after the great Darwinian shake out? Check out this forecast by Matt Pressman at Vanity Fair’s Politics & Power blog. No surprise: he gives the “Inky mammoth” species poor chances of survival.