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Funky Medicine

If you know anyone who swears by acupuncture, homeopathy, or any other unproven treatments that fall under the alternative medicine rubric, then you know there is no dissuading them with a science-based argument. What matters most to alternative health devotees is their own personal experiences and the people they trust–like Dr. Oz, Oprah, Prince Charles,…Continue Reading…

Supe Bowl Halftime Show Spells Doom

I don’t know which is more brilliant, the headline, Guns N’ Peas Is Where the Trajectory of Man Began It’s Steady Decline or this passage: Let’s face it. We all know that, thanks to pollution and war and overpopulation, we will eventually end up destroying our species. But the video linked here represents the exact…Continue Reading…

Neanderthal Groovin'

Long before American Idol, a bunch of grubby-looking cave dwellers probably belted out a few tunes around the campfire, and it may have sounded like this.