A New Low for Dr. Oz: Promoting Mike Adams

Unlike some in the science blogosphere, I haven’t found it worthwhile to write much about Mike Adams, whose conspiracy-laden screeds and paeans to raw foods and unproven alternative medicine treatments appear on a website of his called Natural News. (I have briefly discussed Adams on one previous occasion.) Here’s an apt description from David Gorski:

His website is a one-stop shop, a repository if you will, of virtually every quackery known to humankind, all slathered with a heaping, helping of unrelenting hostility to science-based medicine and science in general. True, Mike Adams is not as big as, say, Joe Mercola, whose website, as far as I can tell, appears to draw more traffic than NaturalNews.com, but what Adams lacks in fame he makes up for in sheer crazy.

That is no exaggeration. Mark Hoofnagle calls him

a deranged individual who denies HIV causes AIDS, promotes some of the most absurd quackery in the world, and also is such an all around crank you can rely on him to wax conspiratorial about almost any dramatic news story.

For example, here he is on Alex Jones’s uber-conspiracy show, talking about the “zombiefication of America.”

Jon Entine at the Genetic Literacy Project writes that Natural News “is the cyberspace version of the water cooler gathering spot for crackpot conspiracy theorists of the far left and right.” Entine ticked off some choice samples of the crazy:

In recent months, Adams has claimed that high-dose Vitamin C injections, which he conveniently sells, have been shown to “annihilate cancer” (doctors warn high doses of vitamin C can be dangerous); that measles and mumps are making a comeback because vaccines are “designed to fail” (he’s an anti-vaccine campaigner); and that fluoridated water causes mental disorders. He is also an AIDS denialist, a 9/11 truther, a Barack Obama citizenship ‘birther’ and a believer in ‘dangerous’ chemtrails.

But hey, apparently nobody is too crazy to appear on the Dr. Oz show. Last year, a New Yorker profile of Oz by Michael Specter asked:

Is the most trusted doctor in America doing more harm than good?

I think the answer to that is now self evident.

UPDATE: It turns out that Mike Adams is threatening to sue Jon Entine and Forbes, where that article had appeared.

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  1. GingahBeahd says:

    weird thing is, in my lifetime, i’ve yet to hear a ‘conspiracy theory’ that hasn’t come to light as true or at least been documented and buried. ill have to keep my eye on him. thanks!

  2. mem_somerville says:

    Ya know, I was just thinking about that today. I was reading a storify where a bunch of bio/med/sci writers were chatting about how to cover stuff. And they were thinking hard about the appropriate ways to do stuff–with things like context, depth, and appropriate levels of hype (or, pouring cold water on hype), etc.


    But it strikes me that no matter what quality writers will do, there are “aggressive misinformers” I’ve started calling them. There are more people who are slick, offer simple answers, and can’t be bothered with actual facts or statistics at all. And they aren’t just wrong, they’re dangerously fictional.

    I’m getting really tired of being told that scientists are such #scicomm #fail, when there’s no way to compete with the megaphone that these aggressive miscreants have, amplified by every social media strategy out there. No matter how effective a scientist or science writer is going to be, I can’t believe we’re losing to these guys (to paraphrase an SNL skit).

  3. Keith Kloor says:

    I saw that piece and am going to be writing a related post touching on the theme.

  4. mem_somerville says:

    (I acknowledge your upcoming work–glad to hear it–and continue to rant anyway…)

    And what bugs me about the scicomm advice we are hearing from professional scicommers is that it presumes that we are on an even floor in this arena. But we aren’t. It’s already been twisted and distorted by this force field. So it’s not like we can start by expecting to give “Info 101” on whatever science topic, in a gentle and inviting manner to a large audience. We have to unlayer copious piles of manure first, all of which was watered from the spring of Conspiracy Theory.

    My favorite description of that was a while back–Mike the Mad Biologist called it the The Asymmetric Advantage of Bullsh-t.

    I know you know this, and have tackled it first hand–that Indian Suicide stuff was a solid case of that.

  5. bobito says:

    I wish I lacked the moral fiber that keeps me from making a living by duping dumb people. It must be easier than contributing something meaningful to society…

  6. Ian says:

    the ‘conspiracy theorist’ label is losing its stigma. i prefer ‘critical thinker’. hell, ill claim the title of conspiracy theorist proudly any day of the week.

  7. Hello says:

    This article is uncalled for. I’ll admit that Mike Adams is very opinionated and is not afraid to speak his mind. But this situation is completely different. He bought all the expensive laboratory equipment necessary to test different food samples for heavy metal contaminants. This situation is not quackery, but scientific testing. He even checked his results with other other labs who also tested the same foods. Dr. Oz had him on his show for a reason. Not to promote Mike Adams in general, but to discuss how some of our food, especially food from heavily polluted China, is so contaminated with heavy metals, it is toxic. When you have a statement backed by scientific evidence it cannot be called quackery.

  8. Keith Kloor says:

    Trust Adams to do unbiased scientific testing–based on his track record?

    Oz giving Adams this network TV platform confers legitimacy on him to unsuspecting millions. It’s beyond irresponsible.

  9. Hello says:

    Dr. Oz has been interested in heavy metal contamination for a while now. He has brought consumer reports on show before regarding this topic. They found the same thing Mike Adams did-that a lot of the protein powders are contaminated with heavy metals. He has also cited other studies showing how polluted China is in terms of its soil and water, which do not contradict his discoveries.

  10. Science Mom says:

    Hello, what makes you even think that Mike Adams has the expertise to even run his equipment? Don’t you think that’s kind of important?

  11. mem_somerville says:

    Can you show us one of his peer-reviewed publications on this data?

  12. Jordan says:

    Keith wow… what was the point of this article? Adams has found some interesting and shocking things related to heavy metals in foods. He’s using lab equipment to test popular food brands. Where is the conspiracy? It’s either in there or not. Worst article I’ve read all day.

  13. Hello says:

    Mike cited news reports, which in turn cited the study/report released by the Chinese government. The only problem is that the original reports are in Chinese so you’ll have to use google translate or something. Here’s the news article on the soil: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-27076645. Here’s the original report on the soil: http://www.mep.gov.cn/gkml/hbb/qt/201404/W020140417558995804588.pdf. You can go on google scholar and find a lot of articles on China and the pollution of its soil and water if you want. I think for the consumer reports lab info on protein powders you have to pay for a subscription or something. I remember they offered a free 24 hour subscription to dr. oz viewers at the time the show was aired.

  14. Hello says:

    It’s not that hard to get training to run scientific equipment. There are lots of programs that specialize in training lab technicians or specialists.

  15. mem_somerville says:

    Yeah, Mike’s grasp of citation and evidence has not been so good in the past. How is his Chinese? I’m not familiar with his fluency there. How is yours?

    “Just google it” is a pretty pathetic answer usually given by people with no grasp of the topic, I’m afraid.

  16. Jerry says:


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  17. seer says:

    “Eat six tablespoons of raw, extra virgin coconut oil, one whole clove of garlic and one large red onion daily to help parasite proof your body.”
    from Natural News

  18. Lee Wickman says:

    If the frothing demagogues at Discover are against Oz, he must be doing something right

  19. Science Mom says:

    Sure there are and they take years of intensive training and experience but Mike Adams have never availed himself of them. Not to mention there is the no-small-detail regarding calibration and maintenance of equipment which he doesn’t know how to do and then there is the actual education and experience to run scientific experiments and know how to interpret results.

  20. Skeptico says:

    A lot of defenders of Mike Adams here, for some reason. Mark Hoofnagle called it correctly: Adams is a nut whose main aim is to sell you food supplements. (Funny how that conflict of interest doesn’t raise any red flags among his supporters.) Anyway, nice summary, Keith. The people who defend Adams need to wake up.

    Orac wrote about this today: America’s quack: Dr. Mehmet Oz.

  21. Jose Falck Zepeda says:

    Illuminating critique by Orac at Respectful Insolence on the so called Forensic Lab owned by Mr. Adams…illuminating indeed…http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2014/02/21/mike-adams-the-yoga-mat-chemical-and-the-chemical-apocalypse/

  22. Hello says:

    He’s just collecting data not really conducting an experiment. He’s just measuring heavy metal levels. And if you have a BS, which Mike already has, it’s really not that hard to get lab training. I’m not talking about getting a PhD or conducting new experiments to measure whatever is being researched. He’s using a standard method to measure heavy metal levels, the results of which he has verified via other labs who also tested the same products. I’m sure anyone can learn one easy lab technique well and do it over and over again to create a database on foods.

  23. Hello says:

    I used google translate and it worked just fine. I actually typed in china and pollution in google scholar myself and saw lots of articles on the severity of pollution in China going years back before I ever told you to use google scholar yourself. There are lots of articles to look at if you are interested. It is commonly accepted now that China is way too polluted and has effects on health. Even my sister mentioned she heard it in school, and she’s majoring in toxicology.

  24. scifan says:

    Hi there, do you or any other readers have links to Adams’ published studies or to the studies conducted by other labs? As a fan of science, I’m afraid I cannot simply take your or Adams’ word for it.

  25. scifan says:

    Conspiracy theory: all conspiracy theories are a hoax designed to keep you from knowing the truth. So now I guess you’ll have to revise that first statement….

  26. scifan says:

    Hi, have you read this article by Mike Adams, in which he claims humans can live off of just sunlight and water simply by staring directly into the sun? Do you really still think this guy is credible? Anyone?


  27. Science Mom says:

    Mike brags that he is conducting “PhD level food forensics”. Lowly techs get their direction from experienced supervisors. Mike is a cowboy and while yes, he’s operating at a level even beneath a tech, he’s claiming he’s conducting research. That requires protocols and publishing and knowing how to use your equipment, just a BS in something isn’t adequate. His “research” has not been validated by other labs either. Feel free to cite the published results however.

  28. Hello says:

    I don’t support a lot of what Mike says or does. I know he has a big opinion, a big mouth, and a big head. That being said, I don’t see why people are against him spreading the word that some foods are contaminated with heavy metals, He sent samples ot other labs to validate his results. I’m not sure if he published them because I don’t follow him closely. That being said, even if he hasn’t, people can just ask him to. Like I said before, consumer reports has also confirmed that protein powders with rice protein powder from China are contaminated. Just go to their protein powder section. For some techniques you might need more expertise. And yes, even PhDs will call in an expert in a certain technique when they are not that skilled in it. But for the particular techniques he’s using it’s not the case.

  29. Hello says:

    I don’t agree with what a lot of Mike Adams says. I mean this guy does publish just about anything on his website. That being said, Mike did not write that particular article and it is dated 2008. Just like a lot of opinionated thinkers Mike changes his from year to year as he learns more.

  30. scifan says:

    I will have to see some actual studies from Mike Adams in order to believe his claims. If you can link me to anything, anything at all, that would allow me to compare his actual data against other scientists’ data, that would be great — indeed, comparison and replication are the foundation of the scientific method. As a fan of science, I think any responsible consumer should be asking whether Mike Adams is actually conducting science or conducting fearmongering in order to promote his own products. Evidence: at the end of an article published just yesterday, Adams writes:

    “The lesson in all this is that the protein product marketplace contains both clean and contaminated proteins.
    “Your job is to learn to tell the difference, and my job is to run the lab tests that empower you with those answers.
    “The best way you can help support me in this effort is to share this story and spread the word. If you wish, you can also become a customer of the Natural News Store, the only retailer in the world that tests everything we sell for heavy metals.”
    (from http://www.naturalnews.com/045108_vegan_proteins_heavy_metals_laboratory_test_results.html)

    Adams says it himself: his goal is to motivate consumers to reject other products and buy his own. He even says he needs the financial support of fans like you. Why do you believe this guy is actually conducting science when he himself all but admits he’s just selling protein powder?

  31. RealityCheck131 says:

    Um, ok. Yeah man, every conspiracy theory is true. You got it figured out.

  32. RealityCheck131 says:

    Conspiracy theorists are usually the complete opposite of critical thinkers.

  33. RealityCheck131 says:

    Why not just bring some random housewife on the show to do some scientific testing then? Ridiculous. This guy has zero qualifications and a past history of dangerous quackery. Dr. Oz giving this nut a platform deserves ridicule.

  34. RealityCheck131 says:

    I take it you believe in chemtrails and are against vaccines?

  35. RealityCheck131 says:

    He’s also found some interesting chemtrails in the sky. Do you agree with him? Have you spent money on his web site?

  36. Science Mom says:

    You claimed his ‘research’ was valid because he had independent verification. If you aren’t prepared to provide that then you’ve put yourself in an indefensible position. Consumer Reports uses proper labs and accepts no commercial funding. Mike sells his own line of supplements and other garbage, not exactly an independent reporter now is he? You don’t seem to know much about Mass Spec do you if think he doesn’t require education and experience to do what he’s doing. Here’s a hint, it’s not like in CSI where you put a sample of something in a blinky box, push some buttons and get your result.

  37. Dred Locks says:

    This article did not make sense. He found a problem and reported on it. So what if you dont agree with him? The point is his research sound or not? I think it is or many would not making an effort to fix their products. Stop hating and look beyond that to see the issue at hand. In other words, look at problem not at the person who said it.

  38. Ian says:

    not true at all most conspiracy theorists are not tin foil hat wearers.

  39. RealityCheck131 says:

    I guess you can just keep saying that, but it doesn’t make it true.

  40. Ian says:

    how would you know if it is true is isnt?

  41. lilady R.N. says:

    Good grief…has Dr. Oz sunk so low to have the Health Deranger snake oil salesman on his show?

    It is so sad to contemplate how Dr. Oz, who at one time, was a respected heart surgeon, has dug a huge rabbit hole for himself to climb into. Such is the life of “celebrity doctor” on a TV show

  42. lilady R.N. says:

    Adams has poised himself as a science researcher and appears to have purchased some expensive lab equipment. Does he have a degree in lab sciences? Does Adams have any degree from a university…not a diploma mill?

  43. Hello says:

    I know he has a BS. Don’t know what else he has. You’ll have to ask him.

  44. Hello says:

    Mike Adams was brought on the show because he is the one who is doing the testing and trying to spread the word. If a scientist somewhere was doing the same thing he would probably have ended up on the show. I watch Dr. Oz pretty frequently and he brings all sorts of people on the show with all sorts of viewpoints on all sorts of different topics. Sometimes those people agree, sometimes they contradict each other, and sometimes they complement each other.

  45. Symea Rosales says:

    he rents the lab, he’s not a scientist, he fails to mention naturally occurring metals in plant life that is food based and flushes out, he’s a megalomaniac that is very misinformed on many subjects, Dr. Oz’s minions did not research him well. It is frightening.

  46. Hello says:

    You don’t have to buy his products. Personally, I have never bought any of his products and don’t have any plans to. I just know keep in mind to avoid food products with rice sourced from China.

    Yes, Mike Adam’s is business man. Just like the dairy industry funds studies promoting drinking milk for bone health and the fishing industry promotes fish oil supplements for cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, we live in a world where money and scientific research are hard to separate but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from anything they do or say.

  47. Symea Rosales says:

    His Resume says “a degree from a college.” –“A” college? what you can’t name it? His bio is written (by him you can tell) in the third person. creepy and starts with “mike Adams was believed to be born…” believed to be born? it’s insane

  48. Hello says:

    I haven’t read or researched much about chemtrails. I don’t even know what they are to be honest. As for vaccines, I like the idea of vaccines a lot. Unfortunately, the reality is vaccines don’t work the way we would like them to and have risks that are overlooked or ignored by society.

  49. Hello says:

    There are classes just on MS that I’m sure he could take. My point was that you don’t need a PhD to use lab techniques not that you don’t need any training at all. I said his research was valid because Consumer Reports had similar results and because of all the pollution reports coming out on China. My point that he verified his results with other labs was more that he could verify for himself that he was performing all the laboratory techniques correctly.

  50. Symea Rosales says:

    he won’t say from ‘where” but he does add that he did very well on entrance exams and that he can solve the Rubik’s cube.—straight from his Bio. read it thoroughly – and laugh

  51. Hello says:

    He does have opinions on many subjects that I don’t agree with but the idea that high levels of heavy metals from polluted soils is being absorbed by certain types of crops, which are consumed by us and acting as toxins is commonly accepted.

  52. Ian says:

    ad hominem means you have no argument and all youve got is down talking the person because their ideas are irrefutable.

  53. Dred Locks says:

    If you say so sir. I was not down talking. I was saying we need stop focusing on the person and focus on the problem because focusing on taking what someone is saying personal or disregard what they say because of their character is not wise. get over it. what he is saying on dr oz is big problem. if you dont agree, fine, continue as is.

  54. Ian says:

    we are completely on the same page you have misconstrued my comment im sorry i didnt clarify enough, had you googled ad hominem or understood what ad hominem means in latin you would understand what i mean and that i agree with you 100%. when you have no argument and all you do is down talk the person making the argument that called ad hominem. i for one was thrilled to see mike adams on dr oz. natural remedies are how we defeat big pharma

  55. lilady R.N. says:

    His own 3rd person account about his academic credentials from his own Health Ranger website:


    “Mike Adams is the best health and natural products writer on the scene today.”

    – Ronnie Cummins, founder, Organic Consumers Association

    Adams is believed to have been born in 1967 in Lawrence, Kansas. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from a university in the Midwest. In college entrance exams and graduate school entrance exams, Adams scored in the 99.9th percentile across all U.S. students. He is known to have aced the English, Mathematics and Science sections of the SAT,
    earning numerous offers of scholarships from various universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (which he chose not
    to attend).”

    Heh, heh…just a crank bullsh!t artist who has no undergrad or graduate degrees.

  56. RealityCheck131 says:

    Ok, I’ll rephrase that. People giving credence to lots of conspiracy theories and claiming they are true on comment boards all over the internet without any evidence are generally the opposite of critical thinkers. However, I’ll agree with you that you would probably find a lot of people that think there is something to at least one conspiracy theory.

  57. RealityCheck131 says:

    Vaccines do work as we would like them to, unless you are saying you’d like them to magically have no rare side effects. The risks of vaccines are well-known and studied. Nobody is overlooking or ignoring them. We just realize that the very rare instances where there are side effects to a vaccine are outweighed by the enormous benefit to society as a whole. Perhaps you should cite a source for your claim that vaccines “don’t work the way we would like them to”.

  58. RealityCheck131 says:

    This cracked me up. “Testing” from an unqualified hack is not something anyone should be using to make health decisions.

  59. Ian says:

    now we’re talking my friend! just remember theres a lot of knowledge and information out there (on the net) and it can be extremely overwhelming to the average human which is why you get the stereotypical tin foil hat wearing hillbilly.

  60. Ian says:

    best way i find to take in overwhelming information is to unplug from technology and get out in nature for a while preferably next to naturally running water.

  61. August Pamplona says:

    So, in other words, he has no independent verification?

  62. Hello says:

    Well maybe they work the way you want them to but not the way I want them to. I don’t want aluminum injected straight into my body with no mucus barrier to help control absorption. I don’t want poliovirus from oral poliovirus vaccine to mutate, as viruses often do under evolutionary pressure, and cause poliovirus outbreaks that vaccines can’t protect against. I want the measles vaccine to work even in third world countries where measles is most detrimental and where malnourished children do not have the building blocks for the vaccine protect them, which leaves them with the negative “side effects”. I want the pertussis vaccine efficacy to last more than 3 years in a country where the vaccine is only prescribed every 10 years. etc etc.

  63. Hello says:

    On the faq page of the site, he says “We do, however, encourage companies to engage in the following process:

    Test the heavy metals concentrations of your own products using a qualified laboratory. Be sure to test every production lot, not just a single lot.

    Publicize the level your products meet, if you wish, and voluntarily LINK to this website to describe the details of the level. (We will create a list on this site of companies which are voluntarily citing these standards.)

    Create your own artwork, if you wish, to communicate this to your customers.

    We would like to explore a way to allow companies to use these logos but we haven’t yet developed a method which would reliably prevent fraud attempts by some companies which operate with low integrity. As a result, we currently allow no use of these logos as we cannot 100% validate the heavy metals concentration of every production lot without engaging in very expensive, routine testing of every production lot.”

    In other words, this is just the beginning of this project and maybe in future there will be data from other labs who doing similar work and are willing to publish free of charge.

    You can also take one of the products he tested and test it yourself to check if his results are accurate..

  64. August Pamplona says:

    I’ll take that as a “yes, thought I’ve intimated otherwise, he has no independent verification”.

    In other words, what you are telling us is that we should take him seriously because he *might* have conducted the testing properly.

    Of course, he might also have chosen to disseminate reliable information in the past but he hasn’t (whether it is because he outright lies or because he is exceptionally incompetent matters not). I do not think that taking him seriously based on the possibility that he might act honestly and competently this time around is a good way to proceed.

  65. Hello says:

    You can take who ever you want seriously. I am only saying why I believe him in this case. Until there is data contradicting him, personally, I’m going to believe him for now. Everyone has a right to their own opinions and decisions; I’m just stating mine, which is one viewpoint among many other viewpoints.

  66. Dred Locks says:

    My bad. I am also sorry. I should have looked it up 🙂

  67. Ian says:

    hey man its as easy as a right click and a quick search to find out just about anything! its quite a time we are living in the internet is a double edged sword of tyrannical surveillance and renaissance art literature and philosophical knowledge 🙂 personally i think a solar flare knocking the human race back to the stone age would do us all some good.

  68. Science Mom says:

    “There are classes just on MS that I’m sure he could take.”

    But he hasn’t; he has arrogantly proclaimed that he can do anything a PhD scientist can do. There is also that not-so-small matter of knowing how to calibrate and maintain your equipment. That he also doesn’t know the first thing about.

    “My point that he verified his results with other labs was more that he
    could verify for himself that he was performing all the laboratory
    techniques correctly.”

    Again false. He hasn’t verified jack with any other laboratories and is orders of magnitude off of other readings. Do you understand what verified and validates means? Kind of important.

  69. Viva La Evolucion says:

    Yes, Adams is a nut, and yes he gives some crazy advise, but Dr Oz didn’t have him on the show for his crazy advise, he had him on the show because he is the one who used lab testing to discover the fact that there heavy metals in many organic foods. I think Keith would have been more effective in promoting his GMO/Herbicide loving cause if he would have wrote an article saying that due to Adams testing many organic foods have been found to have high levels of heavy metals, which does not exactly make them safer than their conventional counterparts. Isaac Newton was a religious nut, who tried to extract scientific information from the bible to figure out when the world would end…Does that mean we have gone to a new low if we believe he made important contributions to science?

  70. Viva La Evolucion says:

    When they introduce him on Dr. Oz show they say that he has an organic certification lab. and their call to action is to have the FDA and food manufacturers test products for heavy metals.

  71. Hello says:

    If you go on the lab website, he actually says he calibrates so he has at least heard the term. I’m going to use one of your previous argument in this case. You have no proof that he did not calibrate, get training in MS or anything else you are stating is factually false.

    The video clip did say that when certifying organic, companies have to do their own heavy metal testing. So it was recommended that people call the product companies themselves to check if the product is high in heavy metals. That is one way to verify whether his results are true or not.

  72. Science Mom says:

    “If you go on the lab website, he actually says he calibrates so he has
    at least heard the term. ”

    Comforting. And that’s your defence for him actually doing it? I trust that you don’t know much or anything about the importance of keeping instrumentation properly calibrated. No problem, neither does Mike.

    “I’m going to use one of your previous argument
    in this case. You have no proof that he did not calibrate, get training
    in MS or anything else you are stating is factually false.”

    Mike Adams does not have any training whatsoever in conducting MS experimentation nor maintaining his equipment. Where are his degrees/certifications and published results which would provide the parameters of his experiments along with the type of equipment used? He brags about how awesome he is, surely it isn’t consistent to leave all of his quality education and publications off of his website. If he has certification as he claims to have (he doesn’t) then he would have to have maintenance logs. He doesn’t. He’s just another snake-oil salesman who craves legitimacy and envies education.

  73. Science Mom says:

    And I have a dragon who lives in my garden. What is your point?

  74. RealityCheck131 says:

    Oh, I thought you meant you had actual reasons for why we shouldn’t use vaccines, rather than just a wishlist for how the world could be a better place. The amount of aluminum in vaccines is tiny and harmless. If you have a study showing it’s not, please provide it. By far, the biggest problem with disease in third world countries is that vaccines are not used enough, not that they don’t work.

  75. best post on this thread Lee. I finally found an awesome one. 🙂 thanks

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  77. Symea Rosales says:

    ….., “oh, thank you, a full ride to M.I.T.??..ummm….ya know what? I think I’ll pass, I don’t want to get too genius or anything.” —incredible

  78. lilady R.N. says:

    I actually have a BSc-Nursing degree and I know how to draw blood for a variety of tests (easy if you look at the laboratory ordering sheet which directs you to use the proper specimen tube). I know how to do nasal, nasopharyngeal and vaginal swabs for PCR testing and DNA fingerprinting and I’m smart enough to know what I don’t know, about laboratory technology. 🙂

  79. Hello says:

    Here are some studies about aluminum.

    Aluminum toxicokinetics regarding infant diet and vaccinations


    Systemic immunotoxicity reactions induced by adjuvanted vaccines


    Aluminum Exposure and Metabolism


  80. Hello says:

    A lot the vaccines in third world countries don’t work because of malnourishment. In order for vaccines to work, antibodies against the pathogens needs to be induced in significant enough levels so as to help better deal with disease upon exposure. With malnourishment, a lot of people in third world countries are just so low in protein they don’t have the amino acids to build adequate stores of antibodies, hence, the vaccines don’t work. Vaccines will never work as long as there’s world hunger. Thus, the idea that measles, for example can be eliminated if enough people are vaccinated doesn’t make sense. If people were well nourished in the first place, with a stronger immune system, they also wouldn’t be as vulnerable as much to measles, for example.( In the US 1 person in 1000 cases of measles die, while in third world countries that number is much higher.)

  81. Hello says:

    I’m not joking about the mutate poliovirus from oral vaccines infecting people in third world countries. I just typed in vaccine derived poliovirus on google scholar and got tons of hits. http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&q=vaccine-derived+poliovirus&btnG=&as_sdt=1%2C5&as_sdtp=
    I know it’s third world countries, but with international travel of food and people, every one can be affected. We’re not isolated populations anymore.

  82. Howard says:

    Dr Oz cannot possibly go lower. He makes Mike Adams seem like Ralph Nader and Albert Einstein rolled into one perfect human.

    Mike Adams appears to have many kooky opinions. However, that is not evidence that he is wrong about heavy metals in foods. Heavy metals in plant derived supplements are no surprise to anyone working in the environmental profession. Phytoremediation is a tool we use to remove heavy metals from soils. Any concentrated plant derived superfood or nutrient product can have heavy metals from natural and man-made sources. Since these products may come from the developing world, do the math. Only an idiot would use supplements or food concentrates. It’s safe to assume they are all potentially mutagenic or toxic unless they are Swiss or German.

  83. Viva La Evolucion says:

    So, let’s say that Keith Kloor was unhealthily overweight and out of shape. Would it be ad hominem to say that one should not take Keith Kloor’s food advise due to him being fat and unhealthy? On the other hand, Dr. Oz is quite fit for his age, so would it be ad hominem to say that it is wise to take his diet and lifestyle advise, as it seems to be working out well for him?

  84. Viva La Evolucion says:

    My point is that the dragon living in your garden has not prompted food manufacturers to being testing their foods for presence of heavy metals, but Mike Adams, crazy as he may be, did succeed in doing that.

  85. Ian says:

    You know something, thats a very good question. “Ad hominem reasoning is not always fallacious, for example, when it relates to the credibility of statements of fact.”
    I guess the answer is, I am not sure, I dont know.

  86. Science Mom says:

    But Mike Adams doesn’t put his results through rigorous peer-review so we can determine if his methodology is sound and results valid. Oddly, in spite of your claim that he is the only one testing foods for “heavy metals”, I can find copious studies and press releases of manufacturers, watchdog and oversight organisations doing that for several years now.

  87. Jerry A says:

    Did you know Mike Adams sells many of these so-called “superfoods” and supplements? Did you know that Adams claims his competitor’s supplements are filled with toxic heavy metals, while his own products are clean? That’s called “undisclosed conflict of interest”. This should disqualify him from making these claims without independent verification.

    Did you know that you can’t just open a user manual and start running tests on an ICP-MS? It takes very extensive and expensive training, which Adams does not have. Adams claims to have earned a ‘science’ degree, but does not disclose what type or from which school. (Adams only previous “science” work was in computer science doing programming.) I run a different type of MS at work and train PhDs but even I would not sit down in front of an ICP-MS and start using it. Adams is counting on public ignorance of science, and you are falling for it. This does disqualify him from making these claims, especially without independent verification.

  88. RealityCheck131 says:

    None of those studies make any claims that the amount of aluminum in vaccines is a significant health risk. The first one clearly states that the amount is below the minimal risk level.

  89. RealityCheck131 says:

    Humphries is a homeopathic quack with no qualifications to be making any claims about vaccines. When typing in a person’s name on google gives you the suggestion to add “quack” at the end, you might wanna try a new source.

  90. Hello says:

    what? I’m not sure you read the articles. The first one said that after vaccination, plasma aluminum levels rise rapidly and spike at an alarmingly high concentration, which causes concern. The authors said that the plasma levels did eventually level off over time to the amount below their defined minimum risk level. The authors where concerned about repeated vaccinations causing repeated damage when they spike to that high plasma level.That being said, where did the aluminum go after plasma levels normalized? Was it all secreted? Hence, I linked the third article on aluminum metabolism, which describes how aluminum is not all secreted but accumulates in tissues. The second article was about the immunotoxicity of aluminum from vaccines.

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  97. RealityCheck131 says:

    No, his research is not sound. He’s not qualified, has no idea what he’s doing, and is only trying to profit by selling his own products. Get a clue.

  98. Dred Locks says:

    I have a clue when I see many suffering around me based on their doctor medication, bad advice or bad food and bad diet they keep eating or recomending based based a pyramid designed to keep key profit centers going. These doctors are qualified. You get a clue. What did this buy me or anyone else. America is now built on profit first. We keep watching our friends and family die from simple conditions that would be solved with access or knowledge of good food and key nutrients.

  99. RealityCheck131 says:

    Your first sentence doesn’t even make any sense so I have no idea what you are trying to say. “recomending based based a pyramid”?

    The profit center we are discussing here is Mike Adams. He spreads fear to make a profit. He is not qualified to do research. His research is not sound. You have no response to this, so you just talk in vague circles about advice and diet.

    Nobody is arguing whether people need to eat healthier diets. Obviously they do, and doctors agree. People also need to avoid scam artist snake-oil salesmen trying to make them afraid and taking their money, like Mike Adams.

  100. Dred Locks says:

    I agree Mike spreads fear but it is justified based on what is going on. Many people are using different means to spread their message including this blog – They make money from it. What else is new under the sun? I am looking at message and nothing more.

  101. RealityCheck131 says:

    Wrong. Spreading fear for profit based on misinformation is never justified. Mike is not qualified to make the statements he does and he is incorrect. He continues to make false statements in order to drive up his profits. It’s despicable behavior.

    You are the one criticizing doctors and those who are actually qualified to give medical advice because of “profits”, but you quickly excuse it for Mike, when he is nothing but a scam artist.

  102. Dred Locks says:

    I disagree. Doctor are not qualified as much as you think. Specialists are more qualified. How much can you see a specialist? Usually when its too late. But even specialists are so specialized they cannot see the full picture. A doctor is not what they used to be. Only few great doctors are left. Besides, the AMA controls what a doctor can or cannot do. When a doctor try to do anything beyond their guidelines, they lose their license. Also, some doctors nowadays are just legal drug dealers – driven by profits and their own patient’s knowledge as seen on TV or a friend’s advise. Its a business so do not forget that.

    As stated, I agree Mike that is not qualified assuming you mean he does not have a PHD, MD or one of these designations. However, he can make the statements he is making because it is his right to do so. Also, he does not need a degree to say it, he just needs information that supports what he is saying and he provides that. Dr Oz would not invite him to his show unless he felt Mike was correct or he agreed with his position.

    Anyway, why does everyone feel a person needs a degree to speak on a topic? A degree does not mean much. Experience and understanding is more valuable to me. I think Mike has developed that. Mike may not be qualified but his statements are not inaccurate or false as you may think. He does push certain topics to the extreme but others are on point.

  103. RealityCheck131 says:

    “Doctor are not qualified as much as you think.”

    Yes, they are. Sure, there are some bad doctors, but there are far more good ones. It’s you who is misguided in your opinion on doctors. Again you criticize these mythical “doctor as drug dealer for profit”, but ignore that Mike Adams is exactly that, without being an actual doctor.

    “However, he can make the statements he is making because it is his right to do so. ”

    Mike Adams is entitled to make the statement that he is the King of Atlantis, but it doesn’t make it true. If his statements aren’t supported by evidence, then they should be dismissed.

    “Also, he does not need a degree to say it, he just needs information that supports what he is saying and he provides that.”

    No he most certainly does not. He has no information at all to support him, so he tries to use misinformation and fear-based propaganda. Suckers like you apparently fall for it.

    “Anyway, why does everyone feel a person needs a degree to speak on a topic?”

    Does it make you feel more important to dismiss what others achieve through hard work? Of course everyone can speak on a topic, but you are talking about medical advice, and it should come from people qualified to give it, through years of study and experience. Not from some quack trying to sell garbage on his web site by pretending he knows what he’s talking about, when he has no data at all to support him.

  104. kellymbray says:

    “He bought all the expensive laboratory equipment necessary to test different food samples for heavy metal contaminants.”

    Too bad he could not afford to buy the intelligence and education to use it correctly

  105. daviddavy says:

    HELLO QUACKS AND HACKS ARE US. The TROLLS in waiting for a posting to some Republican position. I used to be a really nice soft spoken guy. Then I got reminded that’s how white guys got to rule the world. From nice folks huddling in the corner and sayin’ Yes boss. .Mem_Somerville, from Trolls pretending to be people, your lies are disgusting. Keith what the heck is a sane guy like you doing inhaling the ether from the e type from these paid assassins ? Have you no worry by disease by proximity association. I treated a kid for a bad acid trip in 1973. Whenever she smells orange soda she has a proximity reaction. So be sure to wear some degaussing paraphernalia when around these low life. After all if bacteria from a duck’s feathers in China can target us on the TRADE WINDS, maybe electro contamination isn’t all that whacky a theory… They are so obvious because they always fall on one side of the question. They make defaming comments that my 13 year old programming writer can pull up as crap in 5 min flat. But to the non discerning public wanting to believe in the fairy tales that MONSANTO GOOD, BIG PHARMA GOOD, anyone witha half abrain to question and do their own due diligence, BBBBAAD to the bbbbone.
    One of the things I do when conducting due diligence is research education and the names of the folks who are content being associated with the person of interest, birds of a feather…. The trolls nest with people, while I feel sorry for their demented conduct, I have nothing to do with them.

  106. daviddavy says:

    Ya know, I was just thinkin’ about sumthin’ today, and so I enlisted my 13 year old’s expertise and we went on a Monsanto hunt. I’ll spare naming private names, but up comes, ” SENSE ABOUT SCIENCE.” They can cover funding trails and maybe they are honest when they say they receive no Agri-business, no Monsanto Bucks, but no need, Monsanto designed and runs their GMO show. Their list of Directors sounds like a Monsanto Board Meeting. A dozen years ago , if you looked at Rockerfeller, the CDC, Sloan Kettering, the WHO,the WBO, it sounded as if there were only a limited number of bodies permitted to stay up past a 7 year old’s bedtime. That gives a new meaning to, ” staying on track.”

  107. Natural Nurture says:

    Keith you actually listen to Jon Entine?…a known shill and ‘liar for hire’ for Monsanto? Forbes has already fired him due to his CONFLICTS OF INTEREST and his questionable character. If you listen to him, you should then also be listening to Michael Taylor and American Supreme Court Justice Thomas. Taylor is the appointed head of a newly created position in the American government, heading up GMO food safety…he moved out of Monsanto’s office as legal counsel and into this position, custom made for him to speed the message of —“GMO is safe”. Supreme Court Justice Thomas was Monsanto’s legal counsel before entering the ‘revolving doors of Monsanto’ and into the ‘Wildly Wanka factory’ of the American government run by multinationals. He should, but hasn’t recused himself from adjudicating patent seed protection law suits of Monsanto against hapless farmers for patent infringement, who did nothing illegal but suffered from Monsanto’s seed migration and resultant contamination of their fields and harvests. These are just two of the many Monsanto spin offs serving two masters without conscience.


    The only truth that Monsanto has spoken is: “nothing has been tested more than GMO”…TRUE! However hundreds of discrete 90 day studies prove nothing— a rat’s toenails don’t grow in that time…the 6 year peer reviewed French study [2190 day study] published in the Lancet* showed cancerous mammary tumours 1/3 the size of the rats. Of courses once the tangled web of Monsanto was weaved and they practiced to deceive…’The Study’ was pulled by the Lancet* and the author was skinned, shredded and hung out to dry by the parrot press. Do not tread on Monsanto’s playground or you will find your head on a stake to warn others of their impending doom should they not fear to tread.

    Now the WHO [World Health Organization] and their top Scientists have listed Glyphosate [prime ingredient of Round UP] as possibly carcenogenic. And because Dr. Oz has announced it to the world before the media management could gag him…he is being shredded by Monsanto’s machinations of malice and purchased press.

    The good news is we are not all Barbie and Ken —we have brains and will not stand idly by as a wise man such as Dr. Oz is made mincemeat of by Monsanto. His alma mater has not taken the bait and have announced that they are standing by his professional standing as a Doctor— not the shill of stupidity that Monsanto has taped on his door.


    *[published by Elsevier, and manipulated with a shuffle of board members by Monsanto’s mavens of media management to achieve any devious and deceitful ploy necessary to hold their profits and wealth, at the expense of humanity’s health]

  108. Natural Nurture says:

    Time to do a REALITY CHECK…and some reading.

    Merck’s one of America’s biggest profit centres from vaccines…whose trivalent MMR [Measles Mumps Rubella] vaccine was found to be defective in its infancy…but the vaccine scientists fudged the data to exclude the negatives. Fortunately one of their scientists at great risk and loss of a good pension, blew the whistle and forwarded internal memos, emails and letters stating this exactly. The announcement did not get the attention of revelations made by Assange, Manning or Snowden, as his announced confession was managed by the mavens of Monsanto’s media machine before it could go viral [no pun intended].

    These malevolent multinationals let the public be ware and the tax payers pick p the costs for the damage. They have no liability for damaged or dead children due to vaccine error, contamination, or infant overload or any other lack of due diligence. Eli Lily another American vaccine profit centre, slid a ‘rider’ through congress when no one was paying attention…likely the day before Christmas…or a codicil hidden in an omnibus bill…a good time to sneak toxic stuff through congress when everyone is out getting drunk…or are already drunk and snoozing in their chairs or too ‘in the spirit’ to comprehend or read the bill and then pass it when someone yells during the vote…”who wants another drink?”…everybody raises their hands and —voila its passed into law.

    Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines are the second greatest money makers on the planet…next only to war armaments as profit centres.

    So DON’T TELL US DUE DILIGENCE IS BEING DONE and VACCINES ARE SAFE…vaccines are concocted for everything and anything, there will be soon one to trump shyness; all in an effort to bring back the money lost to elapsed patents and profits = generic spin offs. $400. a shot for Gardisil or Cervarix, times three shots to girls over 8 years of age for cervical cancer…the outrageous cost most often picked up by government… and NOW IT IS BEING GIVEN TO BOYS!!— incase you flunked grade 9 biology…boys don’t have a cervix!

    There must be a whole lot of drunks and sleepers in congress…intoxicated with perks, bribes and ‘persuasions’ of the pharma-surgical lobbyists.

  109. RealityCheck131 says:

    Hey, that’s a cool wall of ridiculous misinformation. I’m sure you also have great stories on how GMO foods are the devil, UFOs are running the government and poisoning us with fluoride and chemtrails, and the moon landing was fake. Unfortunately for you, the rest of us prefer actual science and sanity.

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