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How Cultural Cognition Can Inform the Gun Conversation

Like the debate on climate change and other societally important issues caught in the maw of our culture wars, the discourse on guns and violence has had a depressing, unchanging quality. Here’s President Obama two years ago: You see, when a tragedy like this strikes, it is part of our nature to demand explanations –-…Continue Reading…

The Conversation on Guns

At 3pm on Friday and with a heavy heart, I scooped up my youngest from his kindergarten class. An hour later, I was in a packed school auditorium, videotaping his older brother and his fellow 3rd graders as they sang and danced in the school’s holiday show. It was a joyous occasion. But thoughts about…Continue Reading…

Parks & Ammo

Per that new “miscellaneous” item attached to the recent credit card bill, Carl Hiaasen is painfully hilarious: Like many other Americans, every time I take my family to a national park I find myself thinking: Wow! If I only had a gun . . . The whole column is a must-read.

Itchy Fingers on the Trail

This observation on human behavior by a park ranger is something to think about next year at Yosemite or Yellowstone, when guns in national parks potentially become as ubiquitous as water bottles: People don’t leave their problems at home when they go to recreate.