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Pakistan's Ticking Time Bomb

Looks like we got ourselves a long-term situation in Pakistan. As Tod Preston points out, among the many challenges confronting the nation””including a growing Taliban insurgency“”one significant problem remains largely undiscussed: its rapidly expanding population. In his post at The New Security Beat, Preston notes that Pakistan’s population nearly quadrupled from 50 million in 1960…Continue Reading…

Who Knew?

“A Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain bar has ingredients from nine countries in it.” So much for that bandwagon I’ve been meaning to get on.

Only a Matter of Time?

The N.Y. Times carried this front-page headline (and sub-hed) today: Containing Flu Is Not Feasible, Specialists Say They Urge a Strategy of Mitigating Effects How long before we see an identical hed and sub-hed, with just one word change: Containing Flu Climate Change is Not Feasible, Specialists say I’m not suggesting, just wondering…

Dumb and Dumber at Rommland

So the Indispensable One is telling his choir to ignore a prestigious, internationally respected journal that has just devoted much of its current issue to climate change, which contains articles by these guys. Predictably, Rommians are grateful for the Indispensable One’s directive: Great post. Saved me a couple hours. You are the best. Hey, you…Continue Reading…

The Ruthless Link Economy

I haven’t been able to shake this days-old post by Jeff Jarvis, journalism provocateur, bar none. I suspect he’s right about the only metric that counts in the new digital world. Here’s the essential graph: Every minute of a journalist’s time will need to go to adding unique value to the news ecosystem: reporting, curating,…Continue Reading…

When Viral Meets Viral

After SARS hysteria swept through the media in 2003, David Rothkopf, writing in The Washington Post, called it an “information epidemic”–or “infodemic.” He defined “infodemic” as thus: A few facts, mixed with fear, speculation and rumor, amplified and relayed swiftly worldwide by modern information technologies, have affected national and international economies, politics and even security…Continue Reading…

The Post-Darwinian Media Landscape

What might a “taxonomy of new-media animals” look like after the great Darwinian shake out? Check out this forecast by Matt Pressman at Vanity Fair’s Politics & Power blog. No surprise: he gives the “Inky mammoth” species poor chances of survival.


I can’t wait to hear what the real anthros over at Savage Minds have to say about the Pentagon’s idea to replicate them.

Media Overkill?

Howie Kurtz at The Washington Post seems to think so.

Clinton's Formula for Curbing Climate Change

Lost amid swine flu frenzy is the import of yesterday’s speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on climate change and foreign policy. But the ever reliable Keith Johnson at Environmental Capital caught it: What was really interesting was Ms. Clinton’s argument about the economics of tackling climate change. Basically, she said that curbing greenhouse-gas…Continue Reading…