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Nature's Urban Melting Pot

Last week, Carl Zimmer’s NYT science article began this way: To study evolution, Jason Munshi-South has tracked elephants in central Africa and proboscis monkeys in the wilds of Borneo. But for his most recent expedition, he took the A train. To those of you unfamiliar with the NYC subway, this would be the A train…Continue Reading…

Remaking Nature

Carl Zimmer has a provocative story in Yale 360 that questions some conventional wisdom on exotic species. Alan Burdick’s terrific 2005 book tread similar ground. As I see it, anything that enlarges our understanding of nature and our role in shaping it (as urban ecology has done in recent years), is a good thing.

Demythologizing Nature

There are two stories in the current issue of New York Magazine that are of great interest to me, particularly this one by Robert Sullivan, titled, “The Concrete Jungle.” I’m teaching an Advanced Reporting course this Fall at New York University, called Hidden New York: Where the Wild Things Are, and incredibly, Sullivan’s wide-ranging survey…Continue Reading…