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See You Around in the Neighborhood

This stare down between a mountain lion and a house cat happened last week, in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado. Here’s what they said: Cat: Tough luck about that glass door, eh? Mountain lion: Guess you won’t be coming out for fresh air anymore, eh? Cat: I’m cool. I don’t mind mind watching Wild Kingdom… Continue Reading…

When Nature Bites Back

Order Ambien Cr Online That was the headline of a book review I wrote years ago about Boulder, Colorado being stalked by mountain lions. When I briefly lived there in the late 2000s, some of the natives (okay, they were my colleagues) sniggered at my histrionicĀ fears. Now it looks like the wildlife in Boulder is getting even peskier. Check… Ambien Prescriptions Online Continue Reading…

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Boulder to Brooklyn

Buy Ambien Uk Well that didn’t take long. In the space of a few days, my two year old has gone from watching the fox scamper past our front door to skipping on subway grates.

Nuisance Nudists If Mike Judge wants endless material for his new show, he should beĀ  getting Boulder, Colorado news feeds, such as this one: A nudist couple living in north Boulder is complaining about discrimination after being asked by their landlord to “dress appropriately” when outside of their unit.

Built to Burn

Ambien Sleeping Pills Buy Online No one knows more about the history and ecology of fire than Stephen Pyne. “Australia,” he writes today, “is a fire continent: it is built to burn. To this general combustibility its southeast corner adds a pattern of seasonal winds, associated with cold fronts, that draft scorching, unstable air from the interior across whatever flame… Continue Reading…

Straight Talk Residents in Boulder, Colorado got spanked by their sheriff this weekend, for their chuckle-headed behavior during a January 7 fire that forced the evacuation of 25,000 people. At a community meeting, the lawman chastised homeowners who filled pickup trucks with numerous personal items and left them parked in front of their driveways until they had… Continue Reading… Purchasing Ambien Online Buying Zolpidem Buy Zolpidem Online Uk Buy Zolpidem Online Usa Zolpidem Sale Online Purchasing Ambien In Mexico