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Addicted to Twitter

One of my favorite persons on Twitter is making a vow: One month of enforced twitter silence imminent. (other than tweeting about new shit on my blog.) — Robert Wilson (@CountCarbon) May 10, 2013 I’m betting $100 bucks he can’t do it. Remember, 40 years ago, Oscar and Felix couldn’t even stay quiet for 24 hours.

What You Fixate on Twitter is Revealing

On Twitter, people tend to mention and link to things that correspond to their own pet issues. So Bill McKibben tweets a lot about the weather and news of droughts, wildfires, and other natural disasters. Since these tweets are coming from a leading climate change activist, the inference is clear. Similarly, Robert Bryce, an energy…Continue Reading…

Social Media

Like most people with an internet connection, I’m plugged in to social media. But I’ve been a half-hearted participant. I find FB to be too narcissistic, so I’ve largely come to ignore it. I love twitter, but haven’t embraced it fully until a few days ago. And that’s only been because I feared getting sucked…Continue Reading…