Social Media

Like most people with an internet connection, I’m plugged in to social media. But I’ve been a half-hearted participant. I find FB to be too narcissistic, so I’ve largely come to ignore it. I love twitter, but haven’t embraced it fully until a few days ago. And that’s only been because I feared getting sucked into its vortex, and having to contend with another media appendage.

But I’ve now surrendered. My egg is finally gone. No longer will my tweets consist only of “new blog” alerts automatically generated.

So if you’re on twitter and want the bite-sized equivalent of this blog, follow me @keithkloor


3 Responses to “Social Media”

  1. Mary says:

    OK, that explains why I couldn’t find you on G+ a couple of times when I linked to your posts.

  2. Gah, still not a fan of Twitter.  But no doubt I’ll succumb eventually.

  3. Sashka says:

    No twitter and no facebook either.

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