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The Chasm

The robust debate between Gavin Schmidt and Judith Curry (here and here) appears to have run its course. It’s been a fairly technical discussion and mostly civil. And immensely frustrating, it seems, for both of them. Taking stock of the exchange, Gavin makes this observation: When smart and informed people see basically the same information… Purchase Zolpidem Continue Reading…

Gavin's Perspective UPDATE: Gavin Schmidt has won kudos from skeptics in the comments below, who appreciate his participation in the thread and his responses to their questions. There are two high-profile protagonists in the climate science community that are increasingly squaring off: Judith Curry and Gavin Schmidt. In an interview here yesterday, Curry elaborated on her most… Continue Reading… Ambien Sale Online Cheap Generic Ambien Buy Online Buy Ambien Online Canada Buy Generic Ambien Cr Purchase Ambien Overnight Delivery