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Egypt and Global Warming

I guess it was inevitable that Joe Romm would find a way to link global warming to the popular uprising in Egypt. After taking heat from a few right wing blogs, Romm sketches out his equation: The question is why specifically now have the Egyptians and Tunisians rioted after decades of anti-democratic rule?  Certainly one…Continue Reading…

Hot & Bothered

In this week’s New Yorker, Hendrik Hertzberg sizes up President Obama’s most talked about


In Texas, public education “is facing billions in proposed budget cuts,” but not all is bleak for some schools.

Watts Readers to Climate Reconciliation: Shove It

The majority reaction to the Lisbon rapprochement from Anthony Watts readers is loud and clear. Here’s one representative comment: I am violently opposed to the warmistas, their beliefs and their crusade to tax and control me. Let my language make it plain that I believe that this is a war. No reconcilliation ““ no surrender….Continue Reading…

An 'Unholy Alliance'

But the same formula for this partnership, no?

The Cannibalism Collection

If you’re looking for Sunday brain food on a taboo subject (it may go down better after brunch), head over to Gambler’s House for some smart, straight talk on cannibalism. I’ve been meaning to note Teofilo’s recent meditations on the topic, and now he’s helpfully collected them all in one post. I loved his headline…Continue Reading…

Question of the Day

Would you trust a company that produced a report saying that 88 percent of Chinese citizens trusted its government? Global Voices reports that “many Chinese netizens” are incredulous of the survey’s finding, including this person who posted a comment on a Chinese blog: A mistake, the result should be 100%. Even prisoners in China trust…Continue Reading…

Saturday Soul Break

Southern Sahara desert style.

Bailing on Climate Change


Texas Taliban Snark

Via Daily Kos, I came across this astonishing, mind-blowing quote from Texas Governor Rick Perry: I am concerned that some the highly diverse Magnet public schools in this city are becoming hotbeds for liberalism.  Do we really need free school bus service, Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Asian-Pacific Heritage Month, ESL, special needs and…Continue Reading…