Question of the Day

Would you trust a company that produced a report saying that 88 percent of Chinese citizens trusted its government?

Global Voices reports that “many Chinese netizens” are incredulous of the survey’s finding, including this person who posted a comment on a Chinese blog:

A mistake, the result should be 100%. Even prisoners in China trust the Chinese government, no one dare not to trust the government. It is therefore 100%. No one dare to say publicly that they don’t trust the government, including myself. I trust it even in my dream.

The nightmares of Chinese citizens look like this.

2 Responses to “Question of the Day”

  1. Tom Fuller says:

    But I’m sure they were quick and decisive in their planning.
    Those who want to use China as a model for dealing with climate change are really setting themselves up for embarrassment.

  2. Barry Woods says:

    the impacts of green technology / pollution in China making the technolgies..

    of course as it is out of sight of the west, people can smugly drive there priuses and go on about green technology… 

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