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The Allure of the Rural Idyll

When I want to escape the cacophony of civilization, I head to the country. I love to see all the grazing cows as I drive through a quaint rural backroad. The lush, wholesome scenery is exactly like the images on my organic milk and yogurt containers. Maybe I come across an antique shop, where I…Continue Reading…

The Zen of Chicken Coops

When I was a boy growing up on suburban Long Island in the 1970s, my grandfather had a chicken coop enclosed behind a mesh wire fence in his West Babylon backyard. ┬áLike many of his generation seared by the 1930s depression, he developed a self-reliance and waste-not ethic (dare I leave food on my dinner…Continue Reading…

Scary Headline of the Day

Even without climate change and its projected impacts, this would be a major problem.