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Cash for Social Fix Pays Dividends

Here’s an extraordinary program that is breaking the cycle of poverty in some parts of the world: In Mexico today, malnutrition, anemia and stunting have dropped, as have incidences of childhood and adult illnesses.  Maternal and infant deaths have been reduced.  Contraceptive use in rural areas has risen and teen pregnancy has declined.  But the…Continue Reading…

Drug War Delusions

What an irony: In Afghanistan, the U.S. military, in order to achieve a larger strategic victory in Marja, the former Taliban stronghold, is ignoring the vast opium fields in their midst. As this NYT story from yesterday reports: “Marja is a special case right now,” said Cmdr. Jeffrey Eggers, a member of the general’s Strategic…Continue Reading…

The Journalism Blackout

Here’s another dispatch from a decades-old war, in which the policy and politics never change. You couldn’t read this kind of story in the country where the war is raging, because of a virtual news blackout, enforced by fear of vicious reprisal. So what does that mean for the people caught in the crossfire? As…Continue Reading…

A War With No End

I’m all for the U.S. improving avenues of cooperation with Mexico, especially if that helps ameliorate the miserable conditions of border communities. But in this post over at Natural Security, Will Rogers overreaches when he suggests that environmental initiatives with Mexico aids U.S. national security interests along the southern border. That can hardly be the…Continue Reading…

Drive Through Journalism

I love that The Washington Post has a new blog on Mexico’s drug war, called “Journey Along the Border.” Too bad it’s slated to last a week and half, the duration of the journalistic journey. Guys, the drug war won’t end when you reach Tijuana, so why fold up shop then? Keep the blog going….Continue Reading…

Going Dry

This is a ticking time bomb for Mexico, a greater long-term threat to the country’s sociopolitical stability than the drug cartels.

Guess Who's Questioning the War on Drugs

Humans never fail to amaze. When I recently posted about the drug legalization issue and Mexico, I hadn’t yet seen this intriguing column on Tom Tancredo from Sunday’s Denver Post.

Calming the U.S.-Mexico Border

Last week, when Time Magazine’s Joe Klein listed all the reasons why legalizing marijuana made sense, somehow he missed this one. Imagine what making pot legal in the U.S. would do for Mexico too.