Going Dry

This is a ticking time bomb for Mexico, a greater long-term threat to the country’s sociopolitical stability than the drug cartels.

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  1. oso loco says:

    I noticed that nowhere in that article did they mention that the purpose of the shutdouwn was to provide an opportunity to fix the massive leaks in the  main water feed system.  Those leaks drain off nearly as much water as is actually delivered by the system. 

    But then, this is simply typical journalistic fear-mongering – report those facts that support the worst possible scenario, but omit those that provide any reasonable explanation. 

  2. Keith Kloor says:

    The story listed rationing as the main reason for the shutdown. If repairs to fix leaks were also a primary reason, then I agree that it should have mentioned.

    However, that doesn’t change the larger picture painted in the story. The fact is, for a variety of reasons, Mexico is staring the down the barrel of a major water crisis in the years to come–if it doesn’t take preemptive actions.

  3. oso loco says:

    Mmm – not arguing the possible future water shortage.  But rationing doesn’t require a 36-hour shutdown.  Repair does.  Haiti (Port-au-Prince) , for example, rations water all the time – by selective daily shutdowns.   Just as they do with electricity.  Not a great way to live – but it IS survivable. 

    Mexican authourities, BTW, designed the shutdown to coincide with the Easter holiday when many, if not most,  people leave Mexico City.  This was neither as random nor as uncaring as the article portrayed.

    I’d bet more than a donut that they had to search specifically for people who ignored the weeks of prior warnings of the shutdown and failed to stock enough water to last the 36 ours. 
    As I said – maximum fearmongering. 


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