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Reconciling Traditional and Religious Beliefs with Western Medicine

When a science-minded crusader in India was murdered in August, it made international headlines. As the New York Times reported: Narendra Dabholkar traveled from village to village in India, waging a personal war against the spirit world. If a holy man had electrified the public with his miracles, Dr. Dabholkar, a former physician, would duplicate…Continue Reading…

A Common Thread Runs Through Crankery?

While exploring the anti-vaccine mindset, Orac assembles this group under one umbrella: One of my interests in skepticism and critical thinking has been the similarity in the fallacious arguments, approach to data, and general behavior of those who are–to put it generously–not so skeptical or scientific in their approach to life. I’m talking about believers…Continue Reading…

The Crank-Off

Speaking of contests, Orac has winnowed a list of “terminal terminator cranks” into the top three and asks readers to pick a winner: Anti-vaccine loons Tobacco/secondhand smoke denialists Anthropogenic global warming denialists