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A Dead End Dialogue

Freeman Dyson and Steve Connor, the science editor of The Independent, had a long email conversation that neither found very satisfying.

Scratching that Dyson Scab

Uh oh, looks like someone’s stuck in reverse. Must be a slow day on the global warming “media stunner” watch if Romm’s  picking over a three-week old interview, as if it was a fresh scab. I guess he didn’t read part one and part two of this colorful memo from one of his Grist colleagues.

Garfield's Take on Romm: On the Money

On the Media’s Bob Garfield recently discussed the NY Times magazine’s Freeman Dyson profile with Joe Romm. You can count on Romenesko to capture the best moment in the exchange: ROMM: What The New York Times Magazine has done is elevate Dyson to a very high degree of credibility as a highly credible source on…Continue Reading…

Oh, the Shame

You Rommians must be gluttons for punishment. Jacob Weisberg spent 105 words speculating on the merits of Freeman Dyson’s controversial climate change perspective. Romm countered with 1,154 words of same old, same old. That’s a crying shame.