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A Badly Flawed NYT Story Trumpets Cell Phone Health Dangers

[UPDATE: See media reaction at bottom of this post. Also, be sure to read the correction at end of the NYT article and the response from the NYT public editor.] I’m racing to meet a deadline, but this story in the New York Times is so dismaying I had to take a few minutes to call attention to…Continue Reading…

Green Fatigue

On Saturday, the International Herald Tribune (a global version of the New York Times) reported on its Rendezvous blog: “Environmental warning fatigue sets in.” The post was a quick summary of a new poll that reveals: Environmental concerns among citizens around the world have been falling since 2009 and have now reached twenty-year lows, according to…Continue Reading…

Scratching that Dyson Scab

Uh oh, looks like someone’s stuck in reverse. Must be a slow day on the global warming “media stunner” watch if Romm’s  picking over a three-week old interview, as if it was a fresh scab. I guess he didn’t read part one and part two of this colorful memo from one of his Grist colleagues.

Wishful Thinking?

Michael Kinsley is confident that journalism will survive the great newspaper shakeout: If General Motors goes under, there will still be cars. And if the New York Times disappears, there will still be news. Sure, but who’s going to cover it?