Arab Revolts & the Climate Connection

Over at Climate Central, I discuss this recent essay that argues climate change has “played a necessary role” in the uprisings sweeping through the Arab world since January.

4 Responses to “Arab Revolts & the Climate Connection”

  1. kdk33 says:

    Doesn’t this simply revert to whether weather is climate – and the sundry a-posteriori attribution claims?

  2. Ed Forbes says:

    give me a break

    the only tie between “Arab Revolts” and “climate change” is the food that the cAGW crowd requires us to burn as fuel, forcing the cost of food to rise.

  3. Heraclitus says:

    Are you considering an apology?

  4. Jack Hughes says:

    Keith doesn’t need to apologise. He just gets sucked along with this stuff.
    I omce worked with a guy who could link anything to Elvis. Anything and everything. A pallet comes into the factory with a random number on the side. In seconds the number has an Elvis connection.
    Climate change is the new Elvis. 🙂

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