Doomsday Chronicles, cont'd

This might be true:

The United States continues to slumber while a catastrophe lies in wait. Increasing numbers of analysts and policymakers are warning of another super price spike for oil and the likelihood of “peak oil” more generally.

But I wish the author good luck with this:

It is time for public discussion of this issue to reach the same prominence as climate change. Indeed, many solutions to these “twin crises” are the same because reducing petroleum dependence will ameliorate peak oil and climate change.

One way to kickstart such a conversation on peak oil would be for President Obama to mention it tonight during his State of the Union Address.

You can stop laughing, now. Yeah, I know: that’s as likely as him delivering a 2 minute call-to-arms mini-speech on climate change. (But I still half-expect something on green jobs and energy security. Hey, the guy’s gotta throw a bone after throwing Browner out the door.)

And even then, the discussion would be over by Friday, supplanted by the start of week-long Super Bowl hype.

What might trigger a national conversation on peak oil? Well, everybody knows what that would be, right?

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  1. Tom Fuller says:

    Some day we might start paying European prices for gas at the pump. But a lot of people are talking about peak oil now, with prices far lower.

    The problem is very few of them are making much sense…

  2. harrywr2 says:

    The US doesn’t have a problem with peak oil.
    Peak Oil is simply the point where economic substitution occurs.
    The concern from a climate perspective is that the easiest fuel to transition to given our existing vehicle fleet is coal oil.
    You may have missed it, but the DOD tested all of it’s vehicles including aircraft for compatibility with coal oil.
    Another argument to push the transition to natural gas for  transportation.

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