The Libertarian Two-Step

Better late than never. Hit & Run, wading into the textbook wars, offers up this equivalent of a libertarian koan:

It is difficult to determine just what specific curriculum changes the Texas school board has in mind, though the ringleader of the revisionist faction, a creationist weirdo named Don McLeroy, strikes me as one who wants to impart ideology into the textbooks, not balance.

Ya think? It is difficult to determine what I should call the writer of this Hit & Run post: Sparky or Snarky. The thing about Reason is that it can’t simply call out McLeroy as a religous fanatic and leave it at that. The libertarian thing to do here is the Texas Two-Step: skip to the right, skip to the left. So in a post about theocrats rewriting American history, there has to be the obligatory discussion of ideological biases on both ends of the political spectrum. Sometimes I wonder if Reason does this just to pander to the liberal-hating conservatives who also consider themselves libertarians.

In the end, the writer, seemingly playing it straight, decides:

these people are not to be trusted to achieve some sort of “balancing” of the historical record.

Ya think, Sparky?

2 Responses to “The Libertarian Two-Step”

  1. LJM says:

    So, did the writer not have enough snark for you?  He called the guy a weirdo and says he doesn’t trust them, but, what, exactly?

    I don’t understand what you’re protesting, here.

  2. Keith Kloor says:

    Looks to me like he was veering between snark and straight commentary and couldn’t settle on the right tone.  Also, it’s the attempt at a subtle equation between liberal and conservative biases that I found out of place in a post about theocrats  imposing their agenda on public high school students.  But like I said, this is the normal reflex reax for Hit & Run.

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