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The Benevolent Tolerance of Fanatics

Mainstream libertarians really don’t know how to deal with crazy-ass, anti-government fanatics. The libertarian fall back position is a combination of reflexive sympathy for anyone who distrusts government and a minimization of the threat posed by the curdling of the more zealous, violence-prone militia types. This is evident over at Reason, where one of the…Continue Reading…

The Libertarian Position on Global Warming

Let’s just say that Marc Morano will not be pleased.

The Libertarian Two-Step

Better late than never. Hit & Run, wading into the textbook wars, offers up this equivalent of a libertarian koan: It is difficult to determine just what specific curriculum changes the Texas school board has in mind, though the ringleader of the revisionist faction, a creationist weirdo named Don McLeroy, strikes me as one who…Continue Reading…