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Climate Change & the Clean Air Act

Bryan Walsh at Time has put up a good 

Will They Be Heard?

Two former EPA administrators (under Republican Administrations)¬†take a trip down memory lane: The air across our country is appreciably cleaner and healthier as a result of EPA regulation of trucks, buses, automobiles and large industrial sources of air pollution. There are three times the number of cars on the roads today as in 1970, yet…Continue Reading…

Cap & Muzzle

And you thought the the whole cap-and-trade debate surrounding the U.S. climate bill was already hopelessly politicized. What’s that, you’ve become a bit numbed to it all? How about we throw in a juicy free speech angle to spice things up a bit. Remember those two EPA lawyers that wrote a critical op-ed of cap-and-trade…Continue Reading…

Black Carbon's Pandora Box

The riddle of EPA’s reluctance to consider soot a contributor to global warming has befuddled me since I read this story, which I thought made a solid case: While carbon dioxide may be the No. 1 contributor to rising global temperatures, scientists say, black carbon has emerged as an important No. 2, with recent studies…Continue Reading…

Rumble Time

Now that this day is here, I can imagine the current EPA Administrator gleefully thinking, in the deepest recesses of her subconscious, “You wanna piece of this…” Somewhere, Christie Todd Whitman is having a bad flashback.