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Of Climate Pragmatists and Climate Moralists

Last week, when news broke about NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s $50 million donation to the Sierra Club’s anti-coal campaign, I noted that his rationale was based largely on public health considerations and NOT global warming. I wrote: Imagine that. Leaving climate change out of the argument. I wonder if the climate moralists will beat their chests in indignation,…Continue Reading…

Climate Capo Watch

In the absurdist precincts of the climate blogosphere, certain gatekeepers take offense when their icons and orthodoxy are challenged. I’ve previously referred to these partisan gatekeepers as climate capos. So earlier today when Andy Revkin challenged conservative columnist George Will to be intellectually consistent, the response from climate capos was immediate and predictably cartoonish.

Anthony Watts' Phony, Selective Outrage

Anthony Watts, the proprietor of the well known climate skeptic blog, WUWT, seems to have a double standard on what constitutes an insult to ethnic groups. Watts is making a big deal out of some recent comments by Timothy Wirth, a former U.S. senator and now the president of the UN Foundation, who reportedly said this…Continue Reading…

A Climate Plea From the Liberal Camp

Stop saying everything is because of climate change. Just stop it. The “weatherdude” implores the Daily Kos community.

The Climate Back Channels

Well, there’s been an interesting response to the launch of my new blog at Climate Central. I kinda expected a few people in the climate blogosphere would grit their teeth. But I didn’t expect my new gig to prompt an immediate what-do-we-do-about it strategy session. Michael Tobis offers a vague description: Conversation about Keith came…Continue Reading…

Climate Follies

Climate blogger Eli Rabett, presumably in response to this recent post of mine, let off some steam at his site. He begins: Kloor, Randy Olson and to an extent Andy Revkin, but a whole lot of other people appear to think that scientists are lousy communicators, and indeed, a whole lot of scientists agree and…Continue Reading…

The Daily Climate Bummer

Has Glenn Beck peaked? In his NYT column today, David Carr thinks so and here’s why: The problem with “Glenn Beck” is that it has turned into a serial doomsday machine that’s a bummer to watch. There’s a lesson there for some climate bloggers.

Bad Bots

I always find it odd when bloggers complain about getting too many comments from readers who disagree with them. Most writers looking to tell a story or communicate a message want to reach as large an audience as possible. So I don’t get Chris Mooney here: Hmm, have we got any denier bots here? I’m…Continue Reading…

Bowing Out?

I see that Michael Tobis held another unusual climate therapy session with the inscrutable Chauncey Gardiner of the climate blogosphere. Michael also posted a few farewell music videos. Given that his blog often had a despairing theme, I thought he forgot to include this one.