Do Greens Have an Unhealthy Nature Fetish?

Discover magazine readers familiar with my byline know that I tackle science-related issues that are often controversial and that sometimes my take hits a nerve.

For example, in recent months I’ve written a few pieces for Slate on genetically modified foods (see here and here) that got a fair amount of play (at least in the enviro/science sphere). This week, I published another piece at Slate that generated some waves  on the internet. It’s called, “The Great Schism in the Environmental Movement.”

Reaction to it has been strong and varied and has kept my twitter feed busy. Many seem to think the piece is a breath of fresh air, others have at least found it interesting, but many also have been greatly angered by it.

On Monday, I will be discussing the diverse responses to my piece and addressing the main criticisms leveled against it. Until then, have a read and let me know what you think.

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