Nader's Revenge?

Democrats have good reason to fear this horror sequel. James Fallows lists all the gory reasons why.

I’m already having flashbacks to the angry shouting matches Nader’s nihilism triggered between editors (including myself) at Audubon magazine, where I worked at the time of the 2000 election.

One Response to “Nader's Revenge?”

  1. Jarmo says:

    Nader might get the votes of those who are disappointed with Obama.

    It does not make a difference to me who the next US president will be but I think that the deciding factor is the same that got Obama elected: the economy.

    It looks like we’re heading for a double dip or at best, no-growth regime. I doubt anybody could have made a difference but that’s of no consequence. If Obama does not deliver jobs, adios White House. 

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