Some Beach Reading

Via Dan Vergano at USA Today:

Summer is the season for comic book heroes: Green LanternCaptain America and of course, the late physicist Richard Feynman.

Feynman doesn’t have a movie out for August, but this month brings the debut of the graphic novel Feynman by writer Jim Ottaviani and illustrator Leland Myrick. In classic comic book form, they chronicle the mind-blowing adventures of the Nobel-Prize winning physicist,adventurer and scientific icon.

Here’s a teaser.

2 Responses to “Some Beach Reading”

  1. Jonathan Gilligan says:

    Freeman Dyson has a thoughtful (and very positive) review of this book, as well as Lawrence Krauss’s new Feynman bio, at the New York Review.

  2. Ed Forbes says:

    Love reading Feynman

    A number of years ago I picked up a set of tapes which recorded a series of his physics lectures.

    well worth a listen if you can find a copy. Should still be out there for sale somewhere.

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