Look on the Bright Side

Drought by area impacted is worst ever–though majority of US still drought free

From the Dept of Silver Linings

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  1. isaacschumann says:

    …can’t explain that!

  2. D. Robinson says:

    Keith typo alert you mean “though” not through
    And the extremely short length of the records lessens the impact of the story
    “That level of exceptional drought had never before been seen in the monitor’s 12-year history”
    [[Thanks. Fixed.//KK]]

  3. Dean says:

    The US Climate Extremes Index goes back 100 years and shows a fairly clear trend in drought in the contiguous US over that time period.

  4. grypo says:

    Kinda makes ya rethink the morally bankrupt “wuddabout the climate change winners”  argument, don’t it?  Yeah, that’s what it looks like.

  5. Paul Callander says:

    Very dissappointing. Do you even read what you reference? As D Robinson says  worst in 12 years means nothing especially as reconstructions of prior years e.g. the plots referenced by Dean show much worse periods in the 30s and 50s.

  6. D. Robinson says:

    A good way to quantify this drought can be found herer:
    Pretty bad!

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