Our Common Humanity

What does a scholar do when his work is cited by a mass murderer?

Naturally, he writes an essay about it, which serves as a vehicle to discuss “the vast demographic transformation overtaking the human race.” The scholar’s thesis also stands in contrast to much of the conventional wisdom you read about population issues:

We still do face a population explosion, but mostly of old people, opening the way for generational conflict as well. Added to the mix are modern-day Malthusians who want to drive down human population to arrest global warming or just for the sake of “the planet.” This century is likely to be dominated by eugenic thinking, and all the more so as different populations face the specter of demographic decline and environmental threat. Let us all try to keep our heads, maybe invest more in children, and remember our common humanity.

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  1. Leo G says:

    Excellent article Keith. Thanx for that.

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