Green Helmets

Climate security gets an airing today in a U.N. Security Council meeting. It’s not the first time the Security Council has taken up climate change. And wise heads, such as environmental security scholar Geoff Dabelko, offers some excellent pre-meeting context that puts the nascent climate security issue into perspective.

The Guardian also has a nice story on the meeting’s agenda. Those interested in how the U.S. intelligence and military establishment have assessed climate change in recent years should look here and here.

4 Responses to “Green Helmets”

  1. jeffn says:

    The Guardian story suggests this is driven by small island nations “threatened” by sea level rise that isn’t happening. It doesn’t say what the green helmets would do about this – are the island nations threatening to evacuate and invade other nations? Are they worried that once they evacuate and the seas don’t rise, their empty islands will be invaded? Or will the green helmets “fight” the ocean (in which case the soldiers hired today will be dying of old age waiting for the “enemy” to hit the beach)?
    More likely- you need an army to enforce treaties designed to force  developing nations to remain in poverty. Is there any evidence of this? The Guardian notes one nation that opposes the green helmet army. China.

  2. Keith Kloor says:

    Andy Revkin is critical of the Guardian story.

  3. Jeff Norris says:

    The debate will be a farce.  No outcome will result because most   participants will reject the idea of the Security Council being involved.  They will all agree that CC is important but allowing the SC to be involved jeopardizes individual countries and groups   their power and influence.      Most Permanent members of the SC have no problem taking on CC because they have veto power although China will probably not support SC involvement.  Developed countries will suggest that the General Assembly   and other less powerful UN organizations will be the more appropriate forum for CC actions.  Undeveloped countries will support limited involvement of the SC but only as a means to draw attention to CC and encourage more specific action by the UN as a whole.

  4. edG says:


    From the Guardian: “Special meeting to discuss ‘green helmets’ force to intervene in conflicts caused by rising seas levels and shrinking resources.”

    IF they took out the sea level rise fairy tale that statement would have more credibility – more credibility than the UN at least, which is like saying more honest than Madoff.

    This is nothing but pure unadulterated hype. As Jeffn noted they are even still trying to flog the totally debunked Big Lie about disappearing islands – the same one that Michael Crichton introduced in his fine book State of Fear that anticipated all this organized deception.

    Yes indeed, the Guardian is a fine AGW propaganda organ.

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