A Hack in Hog (skeptic) Heaven

Just so you know: I’m not the first to take the bait on Marc Morano’s new uber-climate blog-aggregator.

But I probably will be the first to say this: what an embarrassment of riches! Yeah, all you righteous climate bloggers can swear on your Hell and High Water manifesto that you haven’t been peeking over there after dark, trolling for (cursed media) gems selected by the uncitable and unquotable one.

Now here’s the truth, so help me god: the man can type some bitchin’ headlines that The Onion would be happy to think up. My personal favorite so far, which he put in a green font:

“Lucky Charms! Ireland predicted to escape global warming catastrophe.”

He’s having way too much fun already.

One Response to “A Hack in Hog (skeptic) Heaven”

  1. Roger Carr says:

    “…what an embarrassment of riches!”
    Even an understatement maybe.

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