Thank You Sir, May I have Another

Poor Newt. The preemptive spanks came early and hard. Even his scrap-the-EPA mantra hasn’t won over Marc Morano, who this morning emailed a blistering missive to everyone in his rolodex.

UPDATE: Great post headline from Andrew Sullivan, who provides an excellent round-up of reax, including this killer campaign slogan for Newt:

“Gingrich 2012: He will always love America. Unless it gets cancer.”

It took Donald Trump weeks to accrue the bushels of humiliating scorn heaped on Gingrich in one day. Maybe there is such a thing as karma.

5 Responses to “Thank You Sir, May I have Another”

  1. kdk33 says:

    This is the least of Newt’s problems (from an avowed bible thumpin’, gun totin’, tea drinkin’ republican). 

    He won’t be the nominee.

  2. Keith Kloor says:

    Of course he won’t. Anymore than Trump will be the nominee. They’re both great for the Republican brand, though–if you’re looking at this from a Democrat’s perspective. In which case you hope that Newt hangs in at least for a few primaries.

  3. Jeff Norris says:

    Newt can’t win absent some major  mojo and or  nose holding. The cynic in me suggests that he is going to play stalking horse/gadfly for a while.  The media will now follow him around and force President Obama to respond to any of his comments while others see how everything polls.  The test to my theory will be if he draws contrasts between himself and potential republican rivals or just hits the democrats.

  4. kdk33 says:

    Actually KK,  as JefN points out, because there aren’t any clear front runners. these two guys can work out well from a Republican point of view – BHO takes a few hits, trump&newt mug for the cameras, everybody else gets sorted out in relative peace.

  5. Jeff Norris says:

    Well the Donald has pulled a fade again.  When will America and the Media learn?
    Newt seems to be set on running a Virtual Campaign with a virtual platform based on virtual policies.
    The virtual is anything that is treated “as if” it was actually real.
    Interesting that Newt has a new book scheduled for release in June.

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