"Have You Ever Tried Living in a Cave?"

Two years ago, Dan Vergano at USA Today was the first to report on this geography study that predicted Osama Bin Laden was hiding out in a walled compound in a densely populated area.

After the discovery and killing of Bin Laden, Vergano followed up with the lead researcher. Here’s a short excerpt of the Q & A:

Q: How well did you do?

A: “…Seems like some things were pretty close. A big house, with high walls in a city, not a cave.”

Q: Did people still think he was living in a cave?

A: “I got that all the time. ‘Man, he’s living in a cave.’ I just gave up trying to talk people out of it. But have you ever tried living in a cave? It’s just crazy.”

Still, it was quite a durable and popular notion, wasn’t it? For some comedic post-Bin Laden coverage, the ever-reliable Jon Stewart show doesn’t disappoint.

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