Flexible Morality

Folks over at Oil & Gas Investor are finding consolation in the latest James Bond movie.  And pretending to learn something new about the role oil plays in geopolitics.

After seeing “Quantum of Solace,” Stephen Payne got to thinking about the world we live in and writes that, “unfortunately,” politicians need

to have a sort of flexible morality when it comes to from where we import our energy.

Gosh darnit, Payne “would love to tell Hugo Chavez to stick his oil where the sun don’t shine, but that’s not a realistic move.” And he’d love to tell Putin “to stop playing God with Eastern Europe’s gas supplies,” but that’s not in the cards either.

So Payne throws up his hands and shrugs:

Until we find a more viable source of energy, it seems that we’re going to have to continue to do business with disreputable business partners.

Hey Stephen, thanks for sharing that news flash. More importantly, you feel better now?

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