House of Games

If David Mamet were to pay attention to the climate blogosphere, he might conclude that certain parts of it were stagecraft. And he might write a devilish story along the lines of this masterpiece.

Just to be clear: I’m referring not to climate science, but the machinations of assorted players (major and minor) across the spectrum.

2 Responses to “House of Games”

  1. Howard says:

    If Mamet were to pen such a play, he would most certainly include the scientists as leading actors and the Hockey Stick as the main piece of stagecraft.  The bloggers would fill in the character roles.  Your non-referral to climate science smacks of jock-sniffing.  Why are you journalists so afraid of Gavin Schmidt?  Did you read his pathetic hissy-fit at Judith Curry’s blog?  There is no there, there.
    Unfortunately, there is no middle ground with Mamet:  either his work is brilliant or pedestrian.  House of Games is something we can both agree on.

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