The Awakening

If you have time for only one long-form journalism story this week, read “The Apostate” by Lawrence Wright in the current issue of the The New Yorker. (The story is not behind a paywall.)

Wright’s piece is superb on multiple levels- as a profile of a wayward young man who goes on to become an acclaimed screenwriter and filmmaker; as a deep dive into one of the strangest and most successful religious cults; as a larger portrait of a subgroup within a famous entertainment community that has been brainwashed.

No doubt, Tom Cruise, the most famously outspoken devotee of this cult, will be called on for damage control.

9 Responses to “The Awakening”

  1. Barry Woods says:

    great article and Wow!

  2. Lady in Red says:

    You did not notice the climate world is reeling…?  Have you
    not read O’Donnell?  Not to mention Ryan:  at TheAirVent,
    WattsUpWithThat, and ClimateAudit?
    What are you?  ….Lady in Red

  3. Keith Kloor says:

    And the latest kerfuffle you reference has what to do with the story I mention in this post?

  4. Stu says:

    L I R
    “What are you?”
    Bad manners…

  5. Steven Sullivan says:

    The tags say ‘scientology’ but the post itself doesn’t….is that due to Xenu’s lawyers?  ;>

  6. kdk33 says:

    Gavin, Trenberth, Emanuel, Steig.  Romm, MT and the other attributioners…

    LIR, rude though she may be, has a point:  it’s been a bad couple a weeks for warmists.

    Could this be the climate Gettysburg?  Is Appomattox in sight?  Mehhhhr, probably not.  Sigh…

  7. Keith Kloor says:

    Hailing every latest skirmish or miscue as some final tipping point that will reveal the grand hoax behind global warming is a Morano ploy.

    Intriguingly, it’s also the flip side to every latest doomsday warning of attributioners like Romm and MT. (I don’t place Gavin, Emmanuel and Steig in that category.)

    My point being, is that the “Jig is up” and “civilization is doomed” memes  suffer from boy who cried wolf syndrome.

  8. Steven Sullivan says:

    It’s funny how to the kdks of the world it’s *always* been ‘a bad few weeks for warmists’, no matter how much new climate science was reported in prestigious journals, how many conferences and meetings organized and attended, how many classes taught, textbooks published, grants funded etc., i.e., no matter how much  climate science just keeps chugging along as usual.
    Kinda like how another genus of ‘skeptics’ is forever predicting the imminent overthrow of evolutionary biology.
    Such people seem to talk mostly to each other, creating a new reality that excludes the actual world of science.

  9. kdk33 says:


    You’ll notice I don’t think it is a tipping point either.  And I never said grand hoax. 

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