I'll be Doggone

Some ancient evidence for Fido being more than just man’s best friend.

2 Responses to “I'll be Doggone”

  1. laursaurus says:

    People still eat dogs today.
    I don’t buy the theory that dogs were domesticated from capturing wolves and selectively breeding them. Dogs are scavengers, unlike wolves who hunt for food. During famines, people had to eat whatever protein source was available. The dogs that frequented the village dump were probably not the first choice on the menu. But when it comes to feeding your family, pets cease to be a luxury.
    I saw a real good program on PBS with an evolutionary biologist who makes a convincing argument for how dogs were domesticated. He believes that dogs evolved from a common ancestor with wolves, but some “chose” to live amongst humans.
    Hey, I found it on YouTube! Check it out!

  2. laursaurus says:

    I found another video about dog domestication. Wandering a bit from the topic, but maybe someone else finds this topic as fascinating as I do.
    We got our first dog about 1 1/2 ago. Now I know why people become so deeply attached to their dogs! They are high-maintenance, but well worth it.

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