A Day in the Life

Of a field archaeologist in Qatar:

In the desert, sitting against a ruined wall, wind ripping through my context sheets, salty sand on my lips, skinned knuckles and bruised knees, I feel like myself again…I’m sure the sand and wind and sun will wear me down soon enough, but for now I’m relishing being back in the field, scratching away at the dirt and rocks to find meaning in the past.

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  1. Stu says:

    I recently flew over Doha- on my way to Istanbul. My impression, looking down from high above- was that it seemed like everything outside of the main city of glass and steel was made out of desert. I also heard from the guy next to me in the plane that Doha was probably the most boring city in the entire world.
    Probably a place only an archaeologist could love.

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