I was away most of this week in Florida. I got back to Boulder last night, found out earlier today that mountains lions had, on separate occasions, nabbed a dog and been spotted by hikers in the trees along a trail in Chautauqua Park.

Somebody also just told me that a mountain lion was lounging in the meadow of Chautauqua earlier this week. (Maybe it was the same one in the trees?) Now I’ve already been on high alert since the Fall, after the Colorado Division of Wildlife posted mountain lion sign warnings in my Foothills neighborhood.

Still, I always get jittery when my kids are outside after recent sightings. So late this afternoon, I hear a thump on the ground, near where my four year old was collecting rocks. I was only a few feet from him but my my heart skipped a beat before I realized it was a clump of snow that fell off the roof.

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