The Climate Gulag

Last year, I found this commercial hilarious (unlike many greens and climate concerned).

So I find this new British sketch similarly funny (and it appears that the inclusion of the lame laugh track is to make sure we know it’s humor).

I’m sure some of the paranoids in the skeptic wing will view this video as more evidence of a green police state in the making.

5 Responses to “The Climate Gulag”

  1. Keith Kloor says:

    Am I late to the show? Is this a video released in the Fall? I just watched it again and noticed the dates mentioned are from October to December.


  2. Yeah, you’re rather late to the party Keith! 🙂 We were laughing at it last year. FWIW, all the sceptics I know found it hilarious!

  3. Keith Kloor says:

    Well, that’s good to hear–that skeptics were laughing. (Note that I was sure to say the “paranoids” who see a socialist green world just around the corner. But maybe the humor was that obvious to all.)


  4. lucia says:

    Both are funny. No one dies, gets blown up. In my opinion, neither gives the impression anyone should die, get blown up, go to jail or be ostracized.  They seem to manage to avoid being judgmental. But that’s just the way I see them.

  5. Barry Woods says:

    Allow me a different perspective…

    The ‘global Warming’ video is funny either side of the debate..

    The same people, ie the media luvvies that managed to produce ‘no pressure’ think that the ‘global warming’ video is really funny amongst themselves.

    The sceptics thought wow, how did that comedian sneak that onto TV. It shows just how intolerant the AGW growd are.. Even James Delingpole thought the comedian was a closet sceptic…

    Until it was pointed out that the comedian was a ‘warmist’, James then laughed even louder and thought that it was a classic own goal, because it reinforces the public thoughts about the patronising tones of the greens who seem oblivious that not everyone thinks the way they do..

    I thought the Audi add was brilliant.  That audi had played a fast one, and warned the americans in the middle of the Super Bowl’ this is what to suspect be warned!  and told the ad agency usually full of green creative types to go for it.. the ad agency then thought they were on a mission to save the planet, the audi engineers having a laugh.

    ‘My tongue is slightly in cheek’ thoughts on the above 😉

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