Fisking Friedman

Matt Welch at Hit & Run has some fun, too.

3 Responses to “Fisking Friedman”

  1. willard says:

    In case someone missed this:

  2. Vinny Burgoo says:

    What the hell happened to Prince, anyway? I was a ‘lifelong fan’ too until he vanished. Was it something to do with global warming?

  3. Huge Difference says:

    Jebus Keith, it’s shameful you would use the term “fisking”.  The term was used to deride Robert Fisk’s reporting on the Iraq war by pro war conservatives. Of course, the one journalist who was proven most accurate: Robert Fisk.  The one group proven most wrong on Iraq.  The pro-war conservatives.
    It’s weird that you or any reporter would mindlessly retweet that phrase.

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