Journalism's Finest

Talk about someone being tough as nails.

Over the weekend, photojournalist Joao Silva stepped on a mine in Afghanistan and was severely injured. He was on assignment for the New York Times. He and NYT reporter Carlotta Gall (who was unhurt) were embedded with a U.S. patrol. Army medics got to Silva within seconds and apparently were able to stabilize his wounds, before getting him onto a helicopter and transported to a military hospital. Here’s the incredible part of the story:

“Those of you who know Joao will not be surprised to learn that throughout this ordeal he continued to shoot pictures,” said Bill Keller, the executive editor of The Times, in a memorandum to the staff.

As Andrew Exum writes here, Silva’s devotion to photojournalism can’t be measured in pictures alone.

2 Responses to “Journalism's Finest”

  1. Jesus.  That’s professionalism.

  2. Huge Difference says:

    Best wishes to Mr. Silva, hopefully one day no one will need photos of war, but now, they are terribly important.

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