The Meltdown Meme

I wonder if Marc Morano sees the irony in his repetitive and highly exaggerated banner headlines, such as the one screaming across the site today:

Meltdown of the Climate ‘Consensus’–‘Global Warming Establishment Takes a Body Blow’

The best thing is that this header is literally ripped from the New York Post. Yup, it’s a done deal, then.

6 Responses to “The Meltdown Meme”

  1. Steve Koch says:

    I like reading the articles he links to but my complaints about his site were that it is ugly, not very well organized, not time sequenced or time stamped, does not mark when you have already clicked a link, and does not provide very good summaries of the linked articles.
    Having said that, it looks better today.  Adding a picture of a well endowed woman is always a plus on any climate debate page.  The comic book graphic made the page more visually appealing.  The picture of a CAGW hypocrite’s mansion never gets old, the cartoon captions with Gore/Pachauri was great and adds visual interest, the picture of Pachauri in the futuristic green corridor was cool, on and on.  In short, it is way more visually appealing than it used to be.
    The headline repetition thing is a basic propaganda/advertising technique, repeat something often enough and a lot of people will believe it.   Moreno actually writes very little original content, which seems smart to me.

  2. Steve Koch
    It is Morano, not Moreno.

  3. The New York Post is poisonously slanted rabble-rousing tabloid trash, like Murdoch’s British papers. Hardly surprising that Morano would echo it.
    (Page Six is sometimes a hoot, though.)

  4. Pascvaks says:

    Ref – Steven Sullivan Says:
    September 4th, 2010 at 12:38 am

    Can’t find Morano’s page six, what’s the link?  Haven’t had a Hoot or a Gibson in years.

  5. John Whitman says:

    KK says, “The best thing is that this header is literally ripped from the New York Post.”


    Actually, the headline word “Meltdown” was a bad choice by the NYP and Morano.  It is a bad choice because the general population, after years and years, are in my view rather tuned out by such apocalypse implying warming kind of words.  Probably such words now invoke a mental yawn instead of drama with the NYP and Morano reader demographics. 
    That is the irony.
     We can invent a name for it; it is post-apocalyptic-yawn syndrome. 



  6. JohnB says:

    Sometimes it’s like watching an old western movie.

    Two groups shooting at each other while hiding behind piles of melted down, fallen off wagon wheels. 🙂

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