Climate Catnip

Let’s see, there’s the latest Monckton buffoonery, which everybody is rolling around in at Lucia’s.

There’s all the “rubbish” piling up in the blogyard of my favorite climate curmudgeon.

RPJ is calling out Lomborg–again.

Planet Gore, delightfully linking (yet again) to a picture of that famous Google Earth shot of Thomas Friedman’s house, wonders

And how come there are no solar panels on the roof?

Finally, back to Monckton, for tugging at the heartstrings of his supporters at WUWT:

It is sometimes a cold and lonely road we follow in pursuit of the truth, and the support of Anthony and his readers has been a great comfort to me.

That man deserves his own reality show, don’t you think?

(This was such fun, I might just make it a nightly feature.)

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  1. Barry Woods says:

    How about a topic on the Guardian Climategate debate:

    I was there, a full video on the web today, major journalists present, The Times, The BBC, Wall street journal, European mainstream journalists, etc)

    Monckton is an amusing distraction…
    The fall out from this debate will be interesting..

    Bob Watson, Phil Keenan, Steve Mcintyre, George Monbiot, Trevor Davis (UEA), Fred Pearce (The Climate Files)on the panel

    I have been very critical of George Monbiot at Collide a scape, so please indulge me with giving him some credit where it is due…
    George Monbiot was actually a very good chair overall..
    You do really need to see the video, to see how bad the UEA’s Trevor Davis was, especially how, the admission that Phil Jones was not seen by Muir Russell after the enquiry panel had formed, was dragged out of him”¦
    I think the Time journalist, asked for confirmation from Davis, whether Mcintyre account was correct, ie the head of the enquiry, had not the head of the department (Phil Jones) to be formally interviewed, after the panel had formed.
    George to his credit, did not allow Davis (UEA) to get away with anything, stonewalling after Steve Mcintyres, filleting of the enquiry, George pursued the question, with Davis, until after much note shuffling, not sures, mumbling, refering to notes, Davis eventually mumbled Phil Jones,- met Muir Russell in January, Steve Mcintyre said, ‘confirming’, BEFORE the panel had formed.
    Bob Watson’s admission, that he had only read a FEW emails was just laughable, given the debate”¦
    Fred Pearce did come across very well (Fred and George came across as journalists)
    Keenan was very concise and tough, maybe overstepped the mark, saying all climate science was rubbish (assuming man made kind)
    What may be lost because he said that, is he talked about the human “˜cost’ of it all, hundreds of millions of poor affected, because we “˜must’ do “˜something’ about AGW,even as the uncertainties get bigger for AR5.
    His other valid point, that struck a chord, was how there is no processes, for challenging academic fraud, incompetance, no way to hold anybody academic to account,(fraud/incompetance) Citing an example, (not climate science) that he was pursueing, where the university, said no method to do this.
    Keenan I think impressed the journalists, like Fred, George Roger Harrabin, The Times, etc with his conciseness, and interest in accountability of academia, no ‘waffle’.
    Former IPCC man Bob Watson, could only keep repeating, CO2 is a greenhouse gas, 95% scientists agree, very superficial platitudes, that just did not work in a debate, where every one was knowledgable.
    Roger Harraibin asked him a question from the audience, and the response from Bob was very poor, totally not answering the question, which I heard at least one of the journalists present, saying Bob did not answer the question.
    Fiona Fox asked a question, pretty much attacking the Guardian journalists, for being irresponsble for reporting about climategate. Fred Pearce’s reply was perfect, comparing to how reporting MP’s expenses was referred as attacking democracy initially, but long term better for democracy (cf climate science)
    Fiona Fox, sounded to be like a very strident ‘activist’, really need to here it for yourself..
    The journalists present could not fail to see, what the Muir Russell enquiry was really about, following UEA’s and Bob Watsons poor performance here
    George Monbiot, WAS a very good chair…
    I had thought – oh huh, when he started of with the ‘Climate Change DENIAL community’, but it would be picky to highlight any detail.
    He fulfilled the role of chair correctly. (if only he’s stop denial stuff in his blog – that totally alienates me, annd many others,)
    George Monbiot came across very well, a fair ‘chair’ and with a sense of humour saying:
    “He was the ideal chair, because he had managed to alienate, everybody!”

  2. Pascvaks says:

    “That man deserves his own reality show, don’t you think?”

    Totally agree!  He would be so much better than the talent and survivor tripe we have so much of today;-)

  3. Keith Kloor says:


    Thanks for the dispatch. This is a hard thing to have a discussion around, until there’s some articles to read, and so forth. Also, perhaps that dicussion would be better over at a place like CA, since Steve Mac was one of the participants. I’m sure he’ll put a blog post up soon, which will provide a nice launch for a thread at his site.

  4. lucia says:

    One of my readers called the Monckton story “climate porn” and I agree.

  5. Keith Kloor says:

    Lucia, I saw that. It was carrot head or carrot eater, if I’m not mistaken. I almost used that term as my post headline. Monckton is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Anyway, I agree.

  6. lucia says:

    Keith– Monckton definitely needs his own reality show.   Who knows, maybe he’ll get one!

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